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Information for parents

DePauw invites all parents and guardians to partner with us to reduce high-risk drinking on our campus. You play a critical role in the success of your son or daughter during his or her college years, particularly related to choices regarding alcohol.

While you will not be able to monitor your student away from home in person, remember that you continue to be a primary influence in your student’s life. Begin conversations about alcohol with your student before they leave for college and keep an open dialogue as they experience new seasons in their college years.

Here are some potential conversation points:

  • What are your expectations related to alcohol use by your student?. How will their alcohol use impact studies? Sleeping habits? Overall health? Athletic performance?
  • Ask your student about their experiences related to alcohol. Remind them that abstaining from alcohol use is a perfectly acceptable and safe decision. Discuss the risks and harms associated with any level of alcohol use, such as injury, health consequences, sexual assault or other violence, or arrest.
  • Engage your student in conversations about the campus culture related to alcohol use. Ask your student about their own alcohol use as well as his or her friends’ alcohol use.
  • Talk with your student about intervening when a friend has had too much to drink. All students can play a vital role in creating a healthy and safe campus culture. Talk about the Indiana Lifeline Law and DePauw's Medical Amnesty that protect those under the age of 21 from facing consequences of alcohol use if they CALL the DePauw Police Department (765-658-5555) or 9-1-1 for help for a peer, STAY with the individual until officials arrive and COOPERATE with university and medical staff on scene.
  • Ask your student about the opportunities he or she has to socialize without using alcohol. Find out which late night events your student has attended, and encourage them to take advantage of these social opportunities.