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Educational Programs and Training Opportunities

We are committed to promoting a community that teaches and models healthy life choices and to creating conditions that provide a safe environment for learning and living. As such, DePauw focuses many efforts towards educating students about the risks of alcohol and drug abuse.

For incoming students

Prior to arriving on campus all new students, both first-year and transfer students, are asked to complete an online educational program about alcohol and drug use. Students receive information about DePauw's substance-related policies as well as being able to reflect on their own attitudes and perceptions about alcohol and drug usages.

As a part of the First Year Experience co-curriculum, students engage with other educational programs and activities during New Student Orientation and throughout the first semester that focus on what they can do to help contribute to a healthy and safe campus community.

training opportunities

The Office of Alcohol Initiatives provides training to students through a variety of programs.

  • TIPS: Training and Intervention Procedures for Students (TIPS) is an evidence-based program used across the country to provide college students with the skills and resources to prevent intoxication and alcohol misuse on campus. The goal of TIPS is to empower students to intervene in situations when peers are misusing alcohol. TIPS sessions are offered on an ongoing basis. To register, click here. Or to schedule a session for a group of students (minimum of 15 required), email the Office of Alcohol Initiatives.
  • ASTP: Alcohol Skills Training Program (ASTP) is a group session offered to student organizations by request only. The focus of the program is to share information about alcohol and its effects on an individual with the goal of students self-identifying changes they might make in their own drinking choices. To schedule a session, email the Office of Alcohol Initiatives.
  • By-request programs: The Office of Alcohol Initiatives is happy to work with student groups to facilitate programs based on specific needs. Student leaders should send an email to the Office of Alcohol Initiatives no less than 2 weeks in advance of their preferred date for the program to allow time for scheduling.