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Advanced Credit and Placement

Many entering students have done work in high school or at other colleges that earns them advanced placement and/or course credit at DePauw. A maximum of eight course credits (32 semester hours) may be awarded through dual enrollment, early college, and advanced placement programs. The following are some types of advanced placement or course credit programs recognized by DePauw:

Advanced Placement through high school course work

DePauw offers placement tests for foreign language and calculus. The test results indicate which course to list in your course requests or take later on. In some cases, credit for earlier courses is awarded upon the completion of an advanced course. Placement tests for calculus and many modern languages and placement interviews for computer science, Japanese, and Chinese are available during New Student Orientation.

Advanced placement through the Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), or A-Level programs

DePauw awards credit in a number of fields for AP scores of 4 or 5. In some fields (calculus and the languages) a score of 3 may qualify a student for advanced placement. IB scores of 5, 6 or 7 on higher level examinations often earn course credit. Examinations of C or better on A-Level areas may earn up to two course credits.

Unfortunately, scores for these tests are sometimes unavailable before the end of course requests in June. Students should have their scores sent to DePauw. We will adjust your registration as needed when the results of the examinations arrive. Contact Amanda Dorsett (765-658-6020) in the Office of the Registrar with questions about AP, A-Level, or IB credit. A list of AP tests and credit awarded appears at the bottom of this page.

Transfer credit from another college

You may be able to receive credit for courses taken at another college. To receive credit, have your college transcript sent to the Office of the Registrar, 313 S. Locust, Greencastle, IN 46135 or electronically to transcripts@depauw.edu. DePauw generally accepts for transfer credit courses taken at accredited colleges in areas in which we have curricular offerings and in which the student earns a grade of C or better. The courses should be at a level parallel to DePauw offerings.

Dual enrollment programs

For courses taken in a high school dual enrollment or early college program, unassigned, elective credit may be awarded. To receive credit the courses must be at a level equivalent to DePauw courses and the student must earn at least a B. Unassigned credit is listed as University Studies (UNIV) credit and is applicable to the credit required for graduation but not to major, minor, competence and distribution requirements. To receive assigned credit (i.e., credit that is assigned to a particular department and counts toward a major or minor) the student must meet with the appropriate department chair or program director within the first semester. He/she will review the course content and the student’s performance and make the determination about awarding departmental credit.

AP Tests and Equivalent Credit

DePauw generally gives one course credit (four semester hours) for scores of 4 or 5 on the AP examinations. The courses awarded for those scores for the following tests are listed below. We do not give credit in studio art or in English language for international students. Questions about AP credit should be directed to the Office of the Registrar.

Prospective students should request that their AP scores be sent to DePauw when they take the test. If this has not been done, please contact the AP Program to make that request so scores will be received in a timely manner. If the AP course was taken prior to the senior year, please specify that the score should also be included. Contact information follows:

AP Services
P.O. Box 6671 
Princeton, NJ 08541-6671 
Toll-free phone (888) 225-5427
E-mail: apexams@info.collegeboard.org

The CEEB code number for DePauw University is 1166.


07 US History HIST 156A, AP/United States History
13 History of Art ARTH 132, Intro Art History Ren.-Mod.
14 Studio Art No Credit Awarded
15 Studio Art No Credit Awarded
20 Biology BIO 156, AP Biology
25 Chemistry CHEM 156, Adv. Placement/General Chemistry
CHEM 170 (1/4 course credit), Stoichiometric Calculations
Computer Science A  
Score of 3 If CSC 122 is completed with a 'C' or better, 1.00 credit will be awarded for CSC 121
Score of 4 / 5 CSC 121, Computer Science I
Because our introductory course combines microeconomics and macroeconomics, students must take both AP tests to earn credit in Economics at DePauw.
Score of 3 in one and 4 or 5 in the other 1.00 credit granted upon successful completion of a departmental exam. See department chairperson if interested.
Scores of 4 and/or 5 in both Micro and Macro ECON 100, Intro to Economics
36 Eng. Lang & Composition ENG 130, College Writing II
37 Eng. Lit. & Composition ENG 255, Topics/Literary Studies
40 Environmental Science GEOS 125, Intro to Environmental Science
43 European History HIST 156B, AP/European History
French Language and/or French Literature For all scores: If you wish to continue study in the language, you must take the placement exam.
Score of 4 / 5 FREN 201, Intermediate French I
53 Human Geography ANTH 156, Adv. Placement/Human Geography
German Language For all scores: If you wish to continue study in the language, you must take the placement exam.
Score of 4 / 5 GER 211, Intermediate German I
57 Govt: U.S. Score of 4: POLS 156A, AP in Pols: U.S. Government. Score of 5: POLS 110: American National Government.
58 Govt: Comparative Score of 4: POLS 156B, AP in Pols: Comparative Politics. Score of 5: POLS 150: Comparative Politics.
59 Intl. Eng. Lang No Credit Awarded
60 Latin: Vergil LAT 124, Elementary Latin II
61 Latin Literature LAT 124, Elementary Latin II
Calculus AB  
Score of 3 If MATH 152 is completed with a 'C-' or better, 1.00 credit will be awarded for MATH 151.
Score of 4 / 5 MATH 151, Calculus I. Student may enroll in Math 152.
Calculus BC  
Score of 3 Math 151, Calculus I. Student may enroll in Math 152 or 251. If MATH 251 is completed with a 'C-' or better, 1.00 credit will be awarded for MATH 152.
Score of 4 / 5 MATH 151, Calculus I, and MATH 152, Calculus II. Student may enroll in MATH 251
69 Calculus AB Sub same as Calculus AB
75 Music Theory MUS 100, Fundamentals of Music Theory
78 Physics B PHYS 156A, AP Physics I
80 Physics C Mechanics PHYS 156A, AP Physics I
82 Physics C: E & M PHYS 156B, AP Physics II
85 Psychology PSY 100, Introductory Psychology
Spanish Language
Spanish Literature
For all scores: If you wish to continue study in the language, you must take the placement exam.
Score of 4 / 5 SPAN 231, Intermediate Spanish I
90 Statistics
Score of 3/4/5
MATH 141, Statistics for Professionals
93 World History HIST 156C AP/World History