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Incoming Student Transition & Summer Orientation

All first-year students must complete the following tasks as part of your transition and summer online orientation. This provides students a view of the items they will need to complete. Please note that some of these tasks cannot be completed until later in the summer months. More details, deadlines, and access to platforms will be provided to students throughout the summer orientation.

Students will receive detailed information in their DePauw e-mail accounts on each item when they are available to begin. Please be sure to check your e-mail weekly.

First-Year Orientation Program


Members of the Class of 2027 are required to attend orientation in its entirety.

International Students should visit the International Student Services webpage and complete the International Student Checklist.

MARCH - MAY Transition & Summer Orientation

These items will become available to you weekly in March - May 2023

Activate your student Accounts: March - May

We will send you instructions to your personal email account asking you to activate your student accounts, which include your email and portal in e-Services. If you do not receive this email, please contact the Office of Admission at admission@depauw.edu.

  • If you do not receive the informational email message we invite you to contact the DePauw IT HelpDesk at 765-658-4294 or email helpdesk@depauw.edu.
  • If you have questions about activating your accounts or lose your password, please contact the Information Technology Help Desk at 765-658-4294.
DePauw Student Portal

Complete your housing application: April 1 - May 25


Deposited students will receive access and information to the Residence Portal and have access to the housing application starting April 1.

To complete your application, log onto the Residence platform. Use your full DePauw e-mail address as your username and your DePauw network password will be your password. You can log in to Residence here. You will need to allow 24 hours after you establish your network password before it will work in Residence platform.

If you have any accommodation needs that would impact your housing placement, please contact Student Accessibility Services at 765-658-6267.

Questions can be directed to Housing & Residence Life at 765-658-4500.

Housing & Residence Life


These items will become available to you weekly in May 2023

Submit course requests & academic interests: May 16 - June 23

 Prior to requesting courses, review general advising and course request information. 

You will be able to submit your First-Year Seminar course preferences in on your portal in e-Services. Please follow the instructions provided. 

You will be able to submit course requests for Fall 2023.

Questions can be directed to the Office of the Registrar at 765-658-4141.

Office of the Registrar

Language Requirement & Placement: May 16 - June 23

Students are required to take their language placement exams online over the summer. The requirements can be found on the Language Placement page. More information will be shared on process. 

Language Requirement & Placement


The School of Music offers a wide variety of chamber and large ensemble opportunities, as well as ensembles formed by students themselves. Choral and instrumental ensembles are open to every DePauw student by audition. Learn by clicking the box below:


Complete steps to have Student ID made: May 24 - July 31

Follow these steps to allow us to make a Student ID for you. More information about how you will use your student ID can be found here.

Questions can be directed to the Information Services HelpDesk at 765-658-4294.

DePauw Student ID

Provide proof of immunization through Med+Proctor: May 24 - August 1

DePauw requires that all students submit a completed Immunization Record through Med+Proctor (medproctor.com) by August 1 of their incoming year. 

Proof of immunization can ONLY be provided by completing the process, including the specific form, at www.medproctor.com. No other documentation will be accepted to meet this requirement.

For more information about the Immunization Policy, students should visit their portal in e-services. Additional information can be found at www.depauwhealth.org under the Student tab.

Questions regarding immunizations and immunization compliance should be directed to the DePauw Health Wellness Center via email (depauwhealth@hendricks.org).

Proof of Immunization

Provide proof of personal health insurance: May 24 - August 1

Annually, students are required to provide proof of personal health insurance at https://www.eiia.org/institution/depauw-university/ or be automatically enrolled in an insurance policy provided by DePauw. All students will be billed for the University insurance on their July 2023 bill; if students complete the insurance waiver/provide proof of personal insurance by the deadline (September 2), their student account will be credited no later than September 9. More information can be found at www.depauwhealth.org. International students may not waive insurance provided by DePauw and students participating in intercollegiate athletics may have additional requirements.

Proof of Health Insurance


These items will become available to you June 2023

Bold, Gold, and Ready to Go! Gold Enrollment Days

We invite you to join us for one of our optional on-campus or virtual Gold Enrollment Days. If you've made your deposit, you'll have the opportunity to meet with faculty and staff, see housing options, and connect with your classmates.

Please RSVP by June 8, at the Admissions Events webpage. Note that in-person visits are limited in size, so registering in advance will help to secure your space.

Register for a Summer Gold Visits!

Complete The Class of 2027 Writing Assessment: June 27 - July 25

Students should use their e-Services portal username and password to log onto DePauw Moodle. Once a student has logged onto the DePauw Moodle page, they should have an Announcement titled "Writing Assessment Overview and Introduction."

Following the overview and introduction, there will be steps in the "Writing Assessment Additional Information and Instructions" section. Please read this information carefully. 

If you have any questions about the writing assessment readings or issues with the Moodle page, please email WritingAssessment@depauw.edu.

DePauw Moodle Page

Grant parents (third parties) access to Transact for billing and payments: June 7 - June 30

Billing information is available through the online system Transact Payments. You must grant your parents or guardians third-party access to this system in order for parents to receive payment notifications. You can access Transact Payments in your portal in e-Services by clicking on Financial then Payments.

Information about billing and payments can be found here. Questions can be directed to the Payment Services at 765-658-4015.  

Payment Services


These items will become available to you July 2023

First-Year VEHICLE REGISTRATION: July 11 - August 25

Students must register their vehicle through the portal. To register a vehicle, a student must provide vehicle information (including license plate, make, model, and color).  Once the parking permit registration has been processed, the permit will be delivered to the student's UB Box, the student will also receive and updated Parking Regulations Brochure which will be included in the envelope with the parking permit. 


School of Music Theory Placement Exam: July 6 - June 23

If you are a Music Major you will take a Music Theory Placement Exam to determine which Music Theory Class makes the most sense for you to start your studies in. These exams will be conducted (online, asynchronously, and remotely) over the summer. You will receive information about the test in June in an email from Prof. William Pearson (williampearson@depauw.edu). If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Pearson.

Any students outside of the School of Music who have questions about piano should contact Dr. May Phang regarding individual piano lessons and Dr. Maria Lyapkova regarding class piano.

School of Music Theory Tips

Request that your high school transcripts: July 31

 Have your final high school transcripts submitted to the Admission Office by July 31.

Questions can be directed to the Admission Office at 765-658-4006.

Admissions Office


These items will become available to you August 2023

Complete Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion module: August 18

Students will receive an e-mail to complete your online courses which are required for all students of DePauw University. If you have difficulty logging in, check out the technical info at the bottom of this page.

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion training module are meant to help you explore personal identities and cultural norms in the United States. As you prepare to arrive at DePauw, is it important to begin to think about how your identities impact the scope of the world you understand and choose to acknowledge. This training module will also provide you tips on engaging with differences. It is our hope that during your time at DePauw you will engage with different perspectives to help you better understand the world we live in today. Your growth as a diversity-minded leader is dependent on your commitment to engage with people and perspectives outside of your own.

  • Questions can be directed to the Office of Student Academic Life at 765-658-4270.

Complete Alcohol Edu and Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates: August 18

Students will receive an e-mail to complete your online courses which are required for all students of DePauw University. If you have difficulty logging in, check out the technical info at the bottom of this page.

These programs assist in DePauw’s alcohol awareness education and prevention and sexual violence prevention efforts. 

  • Questions can be directed to the Office of Student Academic Life at 765-658-4270.


Log in to Handshake: August 1 - August 12

Handshake is an online portal where students can connect regarding on-campus employment, career centers, and schedule times to meet with recruiters about job and internship opportunities. 

Students should log in to Handshake to share their career interests using their student e-Services portal username and password.

Questions can be directed at the Hubbard Center for Student Engagement.

DePauw Handshake

Purchase a laptop by August 12

 All DePauw students are required to have a laptop. More information can be found here.

Questions can be directed to Drew Parrish in Information Services at 765-658-4296 or via e-mail at drewparrish@depauw.edu.

DePauw Laptop Support

The following tasks apply to some students


Vehicle and Disability Services

Bringing a vehicle?

Register your vehicle and submit your Parking Registration Form on your student e-Services portal under "Campus Life." Your parking pass will be available upon your arrival on campus in August.

Student Accessibility Services

Contact Student Accessibility Services at (765) 658-6267 to complete any necessary paperwork if you are seeking housing or academic accommodations.

Apply for or renew your passport

DePauw offers many opportunities for students to study abroad. First-year students are invited to submit an application for international faculty-led courses offered during Winter and May Terms. Passports issued before age 16 are valid only for 5 years, but after 16 years are good for 10 years. To ensure your travel documents are up to date, it is recommended you apply for a new, or renew an existing passport. Information on how to apply or renew is available on the U.S. Department of State website.

More Info

Establish a checking account

PNC is the University's preferred financial institution and has an ATM in the Union Building as well as a local branch a short walk from campus. PNC offers banking tools developed especially for students and a check card designed just for DePauw students.

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