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Pharez Whitted plays his trumpet beside a speeding subway train within a metropolitan scene

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DePauw Alums in the Visual and Musical Arts


is a regular feature of DePauw Magazine, which is published three times a year.

Editor’s note: There’s no better way to illustrate the mastery of the 18 visual and musical artists featured in the fall 2019 issue of DePauw Magazine than to show you and provide a way for you to listen to them. That’s why the hard copy of the magazine is heavy on photographs and light on copy. But these artists have interesting stories to tell, so we expanded the issue onto this webpage, where you'll find links to profiles of each artist and, at the bottom of each profile, a link that enables you to see or hear his or her artistry.  


It may relax or rouse us, stimulate or stir us. Art is elucidating and confounding, calming and thought-provoking. We may love it or hate it, but we are rarely neutral about it.

DePauw’s campus is awash in art, from the studios in the Richard E. Peeler Art Center, where art students find space to spread their wings and open their minds, to Peeler’s professional galleries and the Galleries at Emison, where pieces and objects from DePauw’s extensive art collection and visiting exhibitions are put on display.

The following profiles depict the work of a handful of visual artists who have studied art and other disciplines at DePauw. Take a look …


Music inspires us and moves us. Produces euphoria; provokes tears. Sets our feet tapping and our hearts pounding. Induces shivers.

From exultant opera arias to plaintive Negro spirituals, from jazz to classical, rock to folk, music makes us feel, makes us think, makes us whole.

DePauw has a long and storied history of producing magnificent musicians and splendid singers who have pursued their art at the renowned School of Music, which teaches not only the art of musical performance but, through its 21st Century Musician Initiative, the business as well. Other DePauw alum started in different disciplines or have taken detours before finding their way to music.

Here’s a cross-section of DePauw alumni who have made their careers in music and made our lives better for it. Take a look … and a listen.


is a regular feature of DePauw Magazine, which is published three times a year.

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