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Stories by Mary Dieter
They march to a different drummer. Think outside the box. Color outside the lines.


It’s true that nonconformists are common enough to inspire clichés. But here’s the thing: No two are alike. That’s certainly the case of the nonconformists who have passed through DePauw University. Some have experienced something unexpected, causing them to veer from their expected path. Others have figured out ways to meld their disparate interests into satisfying lives. Still others just happen to be quirky.

The uncommonly successful people we feature in these pages have pursued success on their own terms. Each has chosen a path less traveled. And that has made all the difference.

Brad Hauter ’87 sitting on a lawn mower in a city street Brad Hauter ’87 by Getty Images
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Rachel Gutish ’18 on an off-road motorcycle Photo by Drew Ruiz
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Coming 04-16-2020

The juggler

Jay Hosler teaching Invertebrate Zoology Lab
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Coming 04-23-2020

The beekeeper

Noah Droddy ’13 running the 2019 Chicago Marathon Photo by Ryan Sterner.
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Coming 04-30-2020

The most American athlete ever

Luis Davila ’81 holds DePauw Tiger flag at the 2018 Antarctica marathon
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Coming May 2020

The iceman

Alexander Komives stands before a chalkboard full of research data
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Coming May 2020

The Poet

Headshot of Rebecca Bordt
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Coming May 2020

The Bo(u)lder Question

Jonna McGinley Reilly ’00 Headshot
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Coming May 2020

First Person

Percy Julian in the lab
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Coming JUNE 2020

Old Gold

Stacy Goodwin Lightfoot headshot
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Coming June 2020

Leaders the World Needs

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