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ENG 393

Literature and Culture: Advanced Topics

A study of the relations between literature and culture, with a specific thematic focus. Examples include Literature and Law, American Gothic, and Drugs, Literature and Culturet.

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1 course

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Amity Reading

393A: LitCulture&Hist:AdvTps: Medievalism and Neo-Medievalism

This course explores the tension between the representation of historical medieval ideologies (medievalism) and the work of 'the medieval' in the modern imagination (neo-medievalism). We will examine an even mix of well-known medieval texts (Beowulf, The Canterbury Tales, various instances of Arthuriana) and modern neo-medieval materials (Game of Thrones, Vikings, several Beowulf films, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, the fantasy space of Renaissance faires) in an effort to answer the following questions: what relationship is there between the historical period known as 'The Middle Ages' and our representation of it? What do we project back onto the period, and for what reasons? How do we explore issues of gender and sexuality within the neo-medieval movement? What is it about the modern moment that has given rise to an increased interest in 'the medieval'?