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Student-Run Publications on DePauw's Campus

There are many opportunities for students to get involved in publishing while at DePauw. For more information on any of the publications listed below, contact the faculty advisor.

The DePauw

Faculty Advisor: Renee Thomas-Woods

The DePauw is Indiana’s oldest college newspaper, founded in 1852 under the name Asbury Notes. It is a completely independent, not-for-profit organization and is fully staffed by students. The newspaper also has a Facebook page, is on Twitter, and Instagram. For more information, please see the newspaper's website.


Eye on the World, publication cover

Eye on the World

Faculty Advisor: Harry Brown

Eye on the World is DePauw's bi-annual travel magazine.





A Midwestern RevieW

A Midwestern Review, publication cover

Faculty Advisor: Eugene Gloria

A Midwestern Review 
started in 1988. This publication strives to feature the best works of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art, and photography by students attending DePauw University. This review is produced entirely by students. ​