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Science Research Fellows

An honors program for outstanding students interested in studying science and getting significant hands-on research experience as an undergraduate.

SRF students begin learning and experiencing authentic scientific research in a wide variety of disciplines from their very first year. Our students go on to major in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physics, Biology, Kinesiology, Computer Science, Geosciences, Mathematics, or Psychology and Neuroscience. They collaborate with DePauw faculty in summer-long, on-campus research, and they experience research internships at leading facilities across the globe.


Interested in Joining SRF?

It's ok if you didn't apply while a high school senior. Once you come to DePauw, any first year DePauw student (Class of 2020) interested in Lateral Entry into the SRF program can apply between Aug. 24 and Oct. 5, 2016.

Beginning September, 2016--any high school senior can apply. The SRF program applications will be open by September,2016  with a deadline of (well, we're talking about this one) of sometime between January 15 and Feb. 1, 2017.   We'd love to have your application earlier than Feb. 1st so we can begin the process of review.