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IT Training

#TrainIT - Empowering staff by enhancing technological knowledge and skills

Information Services offers consultations, training sessions, and one-on-one support for staff members focused on a variety of software and technology tools, such as:

  • Google Apps for Education (e.g. Mail, Calendar)

  • Google Drive (e.g. Documents, Spreadsheets, Forms)

  • Microsoft Office productivity tools (e.g. Word, Excel, Access)

  • Presentation software (e.g. Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Presentations)

  • Moodle for administrative purposes

  • Specialized software (e.g. SPSS, LinkedIn, Skype)

  • The campus Canon printer/copiers

Training Sessions

Browse to Training Session Information to learn more about scheduled #TrainIT sessions.

Contact us to set up customized training for your department.


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David Diedriech
Client Support and Training Specialist 
(765) 658-4294