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University Strategic Planning

Committee Members 2015-16

This committee will consider long-term initiatives and priorities of the University in service of its mission and ambitions.  Annually the committee will consider information provided by the Vice Presidents for Finance, Admissions, and Development on potential available University resources and will consider long-term needs, expenditures, and requirements of the University.  At the end of the fall semester after hearing reports on area needs and the status of new and proposed initiatives, the committee will deliver a report to the University President offering recommendations on University resource allocations and the status of funding for long-term needs and initiatives.  The President will offer a timely response to the report.  The report and the President’s response will be made available to the entire DePauw University community and will be forwarded to the Board of Trustees prior to their February Board meeting.  The committee will consider student enrollment targets, tuition rates and student financial aid, faculty and staff salaries and benefits, faculty development academic program support, student life and residential programs, the physical plant and deferred maintenance, sustainability, auxiliaries, and the library and information services. Colleagues volunteering to serve must appreciate workload. Pressure is likely near the end of fall semesters.
position description
Representatives (end of term)
Directly elected Julia Bruggemann (2017)
  David Newman (2016)
  Jackie Roberts (2017)
   Greg Schwipps (2016)
Chair of Faculty Bridget Gourley (2016)
Representative from Curricular Policy and Planning To be determined by the committee
Representative from Faculty Development To be determined by the committee
(Note: University Strategic Planning will work with Faculty Development and Curricular Policy and Planning to have term end in 2016 and the other in 2017 to establish a balance rotation)

Other members:  Vice Presidents for Finance and Administration (Brad Kelsheimer), Academic Affairs (Anne Harris), Development (Melanie Norton), Student Life (Christopher Wells) and the Associate Vice President for Facilities (Dick Vance); three students and two staff members.