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Semester off-campus application process

Planning ahead is an important part of a semester off-campus. The steps outlined below will guide you through the preparation for a semester off-campus.

Applying for a semester off-campus is a 2-step process

  1. Apply to DePauw for approval at offcampus.depauw.edu
  2. Apply to your chosen program once approved by DePauw

Application deadlines:

  •    Fall programs - December 1

  •    Spring programs - March 1

Checklist for Off-campus study application


Speak with your faculty advisor - this is the first thing to do when thinking about a semester off-campus to make sure you have an academic plan, both for before, during and after your proposed semester off-campus.

Meet with an advisor in the Hubbard Center  - to get an overview of the application process and to focus your planning.

Declare your major ‐ In order to study for a semester off campus, you must declare a major. You may declare more than one as well as any minors you wish or change it at a later date, however it is required that you declare at least one major to completing the OCS application process.

Search program options - Go to DePauw's off-campus application.

You can search by subject, country, language, semester & program features.

Take the time to reflect about what things you would like to see offered in a program. How will this specific program benefit you academically, professionally and personally? Do you want a personalized small liberal arts experience or to experience being part of a large institution? Do you want to be in a big city, small town or rural/remote area?  Make sure to also evaluate some requirements of the program before you apply and make sure you meet the admission eligibility requirements and are aware of any deadlines for application.

Complete distribution requirements - Applicants must have completed, or have a plan to complete, all distributional requirements (2 courses in Arts & Humanities, 2 courses in Social Sciences, and 2 courses in Natural Science and Mathematics) by the end of the sophomore year and prior to departure. Students must also have completed, or have a plan to complete, the following competency requirements:

Writing (W) by the end of sophomore year 

Quantitative Reasoning (Q) by the end of junior year

Spoken/Oral (S) by the end of senior year

Note that competencies and distribution requirements cannot be completed while off-campus.


Choose your program at offcampus.depauw.edu - select the program you wish to apply to and click on “Apply” to start your application

Faculty Recommendation Requests ‐ We recommend doing this first as you will need to ask faculty for recommendations and the faculty are under no obligation to submit the recommendation within a particular timeframe, however we recommend allowing at least three weeks for this (more at certain times of year e.g. exams, summer). References from staff, coaches or employers are not accepted. Recommendation requests are submitted via the off-campus application. These can be submitted after the application deadline, as long as they were requested before the deadline, but your application will not be reviewed until they are received. 

You will need:

❏ 1 Recommendation from each major adviser

❏ 1 Recommendation from faculty member, may not be a major adviser

❏ 1 Language Recommendation if applicable, can be from major adviser, if applicable. Required for Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese and Arabic programs.

Complete the Academic Pre‐Requisite Section of the Application ‐ Fill in your personal responses to the questions regarding prerequisites. You will need to find what the requirements are for your specific program and make sure that you meet them.

Proposed Courses ‐ Review the website of the off-campus program you're considering and create a possible list of courses that you wish to take abroad. You are encouraged to talk with your academic advisor about which courses would benefit you. If these courses will contribute to any major/minor credit, please indicate this as well.

Statement of Intent/Personal Statement ‐ This is one of the most important portions of your application. Your personal statement is your chance to explain why you would like to study off‐campus on your proposed program and why it will be beneficial to you. Why is the location you are applying to the best possible option for you? Do research and have your personal statement reflect the research you have done.

‐ You will need to include the following in your personal statement:

❏ 2 Specific Academic Goals

❏ 1 Specific Professional Goal

❏ Extra‐curricular opportunities

❏ Language Benefits

❏ Housing situation

❏ Information about location (Host country and city)

Read and Sign the Application Agreement ‐ Be sure to read the agreement completely before signing.

Review Application ‐ Review all of the information you have submitted carefully and thoroughly

Program Documents ‐ You are required to submit an electronically signed copy of the Liability Form.

Budget ‐ Complete a preliminary budget in your DePauw application portal.

Budgeting for time abroad is an essential step in your preparation to study off campus. Your application contains a Program Cost Sheet, most of which you can edit to reflect your personal circumstances.


Approval -  Once you've submitted your application, it will be reviewed by the Hubbard Center committee approximately three weeks after the application deadline. The application may be approved or denied or you might be requested to revise and re-submit the application. Only one revision will be allowed. If approved you will be asked to submit further documentation as part of your DePauw application.

Apply directly to your chosen program once approved by DePauw - If approved by DePauw, approval will be conditional upon being admitted by the program provider. Approval from DePauw does not guarantee admission to your chosen program. You should apply directly on the off-campus program provider website.  If admitted, your off-campus program provider will then provide directly to you, all the practical pre-departure information you need e.g. arrival details, class registration, housing registration, immigration information etc.

Pre-departure orientation

Once approved for off-campus study, you are required to participate in DePauw's pre-departure orientation either in-person or online.  If you miss a session, approval to study off-campus will be rescinded.  Orientation sessions will address such things as course credit expectations, billing, how to register for classes while off-campus, and techniques that will be helpful in adapting well to the new environment and dealing with culture shock.  They will also cover logistical topics, such as money, travel, and health and safety, as well as some site-specific information. 

Scholarships ‐ Thanks to the generosity of DePauw alumni, scholarships are available for off-campus study. These are awarded automatically based on financial aid information provided to the University, as well as the specific criteria for each scholarship.


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