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Learn skills significant to the preparation of YOU and YOUR future place in the world with on-campus employment

DRIVE/On-Campus Employment

The “DePauw Resources for Internships, Vocation, and Employment” Program (referred to as DRIVE) provides students with the opportunity to work on campus during the academic year. Federal Work Study (FWS) & DePauw Work Study (DWS) positions are listed on our Handshake. The majority of on-campus student positions are posted at the beginning of each semester, however, they may be posted at any time throughout the academic year. There are on-campus student positions available in nearly every department and building on campus and for students of all different skill levels and academic/career interests. It is recommended that you prepare your resume and begin applying early and that you apply to as many positions as you feel you are qualified for. DRIVE is supported by the Office of Student Employment located in The Hubbard Center. We are available to help you with on-campus employment and we serve as a resource for supporting your future career and internship aspirations! Our mission is to empower you to be a responsible leader and to promote professional growth.

Student employment work experience is intended to complement the educational experience and to enhance future employment. The Financial Aid Office awards all student employment on campus. The Hubbard Center administers the DRIVE/student employment program.


Federal and DePauw Work-Study

The Federal Work-Study Program provides financial assistance to students through part-time campus employment and allows Colleges and Universities the opportunity to employ students to fill a variety of departmental positions. Eligibility for the Federal Work Study Program is determined through completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You will be notified of your eligibility for Federal Work-Study when you receive your Financial Aid notification letter. The amount awarded is reflected on the Financial Aid
notification letter and this is the maximum amount you may earn during the academic year.

Required Paperwork (Domestic & International Students with a Social Security Number) – 

  • Work-study Application (Complete Online)
  • You will be required to fill out a form I9, a W 4 form and a WH4 form before you can begin working on campus. Once you have been offered a job on campus, student employment will send you the necessary links to fill out these forms online. You will not be able to fill out your paperwork until student employment has a documented job offer from your campus supervisor.

 Required Documents – Present In Person:

  • Identification documents are required to be presented in person at the Hubbard Center. Examples include but are not limited to: one picture ID such as a driver's license or DePauw ID and a non-picture ID such as a social security card or birth certificate. A valid passport is acceptable for both picture and non-picture ID. No pictures or copies of your documents will be accepted; documents presented must be original. A link to the DHS approved list of documents for your I9 can be found at the bottom of this webpage.

You may not begin working until all required paperwork is completed, identification has been presented and student employment has sent a verification email to your on-campus supervisor.

 International Students

 Work-study Application (Complete Online)

International students are required to begin their social security application before they can begin working on campus. The CDI and the Hubbard Center will provide a limited amount of transportation to the Terre Haute SSA office at the beginning of every semester; once these shuttles are no longer offered, the student is responsible for scheduling an appointment and providing transportation. For more info on scheduling an appointment and transportation options, please email chloeosullivan@depauw.edu.

SSA requires students to bring a list of documents to their appointment to bring the application process. They are as follows:

  • A passport from country of residence
  • I94
  • I20
  • Reference number from online application (https://www.ssa.gov/ssnumber/)
  • Letter from DePauw’s DSO (currently Beth Haymaker in the CDI)
  • Job Offer letter from on-campus supervisor

Once a student’s application has been processed, SSA should give them a receipt from the application. The student may bring that receipt, their I94 and their passport to the Hubbard Center; these documents will tentatively clear the student for 90 days while their SSC comes in the mail. Once their SSC has arrived in the mail, they are required to bring it to the Hubbard Center where they will complete the rest of their paperwork.

You may not begin working until all required paperwork is completed and identification has been presented.

Work-Study Earnings

If you would like your earnings to be direct deposited, please do so via your ADP login.

If you would like your earnings to be applied to your student tuition account balance, please complete this form


Once all of your paperwork has been completed and you are legally cleared to begin working at DePauw, student employment will send verification emails to your on-campus supervisor and to the payroll department letting them know you are good to begin working. Payroll will send you an email letting you know to create an account with ADP, the HRIS we use for time-keeping and paycheck tracking. Once you set up your account with ADP, you will track your hours worked there with every shift – make sure you are entering hours with every shift, not at the end of every week; this ensures the most accurate accounting for hours worked.

You can also set up your pay preferences; you can set up direct deposit, have your pay mailed to you in the form of a paper check, or you can have your pay applied directly to your university balance. Direct deposit and paper check preferences can be noted in ADP; to have your earnings be applied to your university balance, please fill out this form.

Any questions regarding ADP can be sent to danielmccafferty@depauw.edu. Job aids on ADP can be found at the bottom of this page.


Federal Work-Study - Community Service

There are many off-campus employment opportunities available for students with federal work study. These opportunities include tutoring in Greencastle schools and working with nonprofits in the Greencastle community to do things like graphic design or tech support. Federal work study students interested in being paid for community service should reach out to chloeosullivan@depauw.edu.


 Students not eligible for federal work-study can check with the Financial Aid Office at the beginning of each semester to determine availability of funding for employment opportunities. Students must complete all required paperwork before working.

Students not eligible to participate in the Student Employment Program are Residence Hall Assistants, Community Resource Assistants, Bonner Scholars, and Malpas Scholars.


Helpful resources

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