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DePauw Entrepreneurship Group

Providing opportunities for entrepreneurial-minded students to connect with each other and with successful entrepreneur leaders. Also providing education and mentoring to prepare students to present their ideas at pitch competitions or to potential investors. The student group is open to any student in any major.

A liberal arts education is an ideal way to foster an entrepreneurial spirit!

At DePauw, robust curricular courses and instructors focus on developing student skills in critical thinking, writing, speaking, quantitative reasoning, creativity, and innovation.  University students learn to distill key trends, recognize good ideas, and analyze and synthesize information from a variety of sources.  

To complement the students' academic experience, the McDermond Center provides entrepreneurial-minded students and alumni with the necessary co-curricular programs and tools to validate innovative ideas, develop business plans, perform market research, network with successful entrepreneur mentors, attend off-campus conferences, provide strategic resources, and participate in pitch competitions that will allow students to begin executing on their idea. 

Another hallmark of DePauw is highly supportive alumni who are eager to help students realize their ambitions. The McDermond Center coordinates these relationships by making key introductions with student entrepreneurs and expert alumni - setting up video conferencing at the McDermond Center, bringing alumni to campus for mentoring, or taking the students off-campus to meet with an alumnus where they work/live.


DePauw Entrepreneurship Group Pitch Competition, April 2019 - Nine students/student groups pitched their business idea to a panel of expert judges to receive feedback and win prize money.  1st, 2nd and 3rd place and "outside of the box" winners were announced.

Mike Hurley '07 - Presenting pitch deck for his start-up "Warm Up"

Harrison Bell '19 and AnnaLise Fyrwald '19 - Presenting pitch deck for their start-up "My Travel Buddy"

Aaron Miller '19 - Presenting pitch deck for his start up "CHOP.pn"


Greater greencastle chamber of commerce logo

Brian Cox, Executive Director of the Chamber,  "Starting Point Business Blueprint"—a simple, question-based tool that offers a self-directed, first glimpse and exploration into the world of small business.  The questions and discussions will bring your business idea into focus, build an awareness of the markets, develop a basic understanding of the financial picture, and provide clarity and proof of your idea.  If you, or someone you know, is interested in exploring a business "start-up" or growing and existing business contact Brian at the Chamber to register.  For more information call 765-653-4517 or email Brian at gchamber@gogreencastle.com

In addition the Chamber will be assisting entrepreneurs with connections to Chamber member services that are needed for launching their business and continue their partnership with the West Central ISBGDC for educational seminars, such as the successful Opportunity Knocks Seminar Series, statistical and financial counseling, and building partnership with the State of Indiana.


The following Web resources offered by the Small Business Administration offer step-by-step instructions for developing a business plan:


The Small Business Development Center, in cooperation with the Small Business Administration, offers the following Website, which contains templates of business plans for a wide variety of businesses:


The following Website offered by SCORE (Service Corp of Retired Executives) offers much helpful information for entrepreneurs, including resources for preparing financial models:


The Kauffman Foundation has long supported entrepreneurship in colleges and universities and offers many helpful resources for entrepreneurs.  Kauffman’s FastTrac program offers advice, resources, and tools to help entrepreneurs develop and lead successful enterprises and organizations:


Students pitch their idea to the entire Engaged Entrepreneur Group for feedback

Students pitch their idea to the entire Engaged Entrepreneur Group for feedback

Alumnus Mike Hurley '07 presents his startup company Warmup's pitch to the EEG

Alumnus Mike Hurley '07 presents his startup company Warmup's pitch to the EEG