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DePauw Pre-Law and Public Affairs Group

The Pre-Law path is an exciting and fast paced option for those interested in potentially pursuing a career in the legal field. With no specific major or course requirements to attend law school, students from any academic background or interest are able to apply. This leaves open many paths to a career destination after graduation. Sometimes this expansive number of options can seem overwhelming. Similarly, with the path to a career in Public Affairs, there are any number of avenues one can take to end up in a position after graduating from undergrad or graduate school. The Pre-Law and Public Affairs student organization looks to connect like-minded students with each other as well as professionals in the field of their interest in order to navigate the complex process of securing a career in the legal or public affairs field. Through alumni speakers, law school admissions workshops, and trips to the Putnam County courthouse, students involved in the Pre-law and Public Affairs student organization will have the opportunity to discover their unique path to the career of their choice.