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DePauw Marketing Group

The Marketing Group@DePauw is a student-run consulting organization. We provide quality consulting services to our clients, as well as educational opportunities for our members.

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Why join:

  • Leadership opportunities
  • Work on real-world projects
  • Meet business leaders
  • Learn about marketing & career opportunities
  • Be part of a fun and exciting student-run group

Services we offer:

  • Customer insights (marketing research)
  • New product development
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Market opportunity analysis
  • Market plan development
  • Brand management
  • Other

We are always looking for:

  • Enthusiastic members
  • Projects
  • Mentors
  • Speakers
  • Educational opportunities (tours, training and other learning opportunities)

Our mission is to equip DePauw students with the skills and experiences necessary to grow into strategic leaders with the ability to solve complex problems in the global business world. This is accomplished through hands-on consulting projects, a committed team of mentors and a variety of educational opportunities.


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Trip Apley - President

Trip Apley - President