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Internal Funding

Funding opportunities for current students.

Howes Summer Travel Grant

The Frank W. Howes Summer Grant fund is designed to support off-campus independent study during the summer for DePauw students in good academic standing. Travel to a particular site away from DePauw must be an integral rather than incidental component of Howes project proposals. The project must be sponsored by a DePauw faculty member, who agrees to provide support and supervision. Students who receive Howes grants will be expected to report on their experiences to the DePauw community upon their return. Grants are limited, therefore, to returning students, only.

Internship Grant

DePauw provides matching internship stipends to support students in summer, fall or spring semester, January Term, and combined term internships at Indiana start-up, small-, and mid-sized firms in the five sectors targeted by the state for leading economic development

DePauw Student Research and Artistic Grant 

The purpose of this grant is to encourage student research and artistic projects and professional activities that are not related to a course. Funds may be used to pay for research and artistic expenses such as travel to libraries, archives, and art galleries; costs of photocopying; and purchase of supplies or equipment that are not funded by departments. Manuscript preparation expenses, such as costs for typing papers, will not be funded.

Student Faculty Summer Research Fund

The objective of the summer research fund is to increase the opportunities for faculty and students to work together on research projects in the summer. The project and the proposal should be a collaborative effort of the faculty member and the student. The project should be of value to both the faculty member and the student. The student is expected to have the qualifications to do successful work and a product from the research is expected by the end of the summer.