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Recommended Off-Campus Programs

The Art & Art History Department encourages students to expand their knowledge of, and appreciation for, the arts through off-campus study. Students can enhance their college experience by taking advantage of the transformative, learning opportunities offered by the following recommended programs.


Aerial view of New York City

NYAP works with an extensive and diverse network of highly respected artists, and cultural and media organizations to offer students an intimate and realistic view of professional life, and the opportunity to acquire and advance skills. Students learn from the culture of the workplace as well as its practices and become part of the sponsors’ community and network. Students may focus on a single discipline or work with a faculty advisor to develop arts and media internships that integrate other liberal arts interests and independent pursuits: gender, ethnic, and cultural studies, community arts, the sciences, and exploration across discipline boundaries.
Individual tutorials occupy the second half of the semester when students pursue a clearly
defined independent study project designed in conjunction with and supervised by his or her faculty advisor. Students may choose projects that deepen their knowledge and experience in their primary field, or explore related interest or interdisciplinary studies.


Aerial view of Cortona, Italy

The University of Georgia Studies Abroad Program in Cortona, Italy provides a challenging opportunity for the serious art student who wishes to combine international travel with an intensive studio and classroom experience. The medieval hilltown of Cortona offers a rich historical environment where students can easily integrate with the lifestyle of a typical Italian community.  The program offers classes in Art Education, Ceramics, Creative Writing,Drawing, English, Graphic Design, Italian, Interior Design, Jewelry & Metalwork, Landscape Architecture, Painting, Papermaking & Bookarts, Photography, Printmaking, and Sculpture.
Day-long field trips throughout each semester to nearby locations such as Perugia, Assisi, Arezzo, Florence, Montepulciano, San Gimignano, Siena, Ravenna and others. Field trips occur on Saturdays and vary per session.  Overnight trips to Rome, Venice, Naples and various other cities depending on itinerary.The program brings together 50-75 students and 6-10 faculty per semester.  The average class size is 10-20 and courses are taught in English.  


Students gathered on steps of a museum in Berlin

Bard College Berlin, a Liberal Arts University located in Berlin, Germany offers year-long and, fall or spring, semester-long programs.  Managed by Bard Abroad and the Institute for International Liberal Education (IILE) at Bard College, New York, Bard College Berlin boasts a student body of citizens from 42 countries, offering courses in literature, politics, philosophy, art history, economics, and theatre.  Students also are encouraged to take classes on the German language, as well as participate in internships.  Past internships include those with a business, a non-government organization, and an arts institution.  Based in the historic and dynamic city of Berlin, Bard College Berlin allows for immersion in German culture and language alongside classroom instruction in English with a renowned faculty from around the world.  As the website states, “here, the city becomes a laboratory for exploring some of the most important intellectual and artistic developments of Europe and the Western world as a whole.”  Please see the above listed website for program fees.


Landscape near Burren College of Art in Ballyvaughn, Ireland

Burren College of Art, located in Ballyvaughn, Ireland, offers year-long and, fall or spring, semester-long programs.  A small, intimate campus, with a student body of 55 (undergraduate and graduate), Burren boasts top faculty from not only Irish universities, but also renowned visiting artists from around the world.  Moreover, undergraduates interact regularly with graduate students, maximizing each student’s opportunities for feedback.  Courses include both classroom and one-on-one (“tutoring”) instruction in fields including painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, mixed media, art in context, and live art.  Additionally, students may enroll in art history, creative writing, and Irish studies classes.  Proximity to the University of Ireland, Galway further allows for the pursuit of courses in Irish studies, such as Irish history, geography, and culture.  All students are assigned their own studio space for the duration of their program.  The quiet, small town atmosphere, as well as the beauty of the natural environment, supports self-reflection and artistic growth; however, Burren does offer regular trips to local galleries, arts festivals in Western Ireland, and to large urban centers such as Dublin, London, and Berlin.  Students are expected to enroll in 5 courses per semester with applications accepted for the fall or spring semester, as well as the academic year.  See the website for specific deadlines.