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Lobdell, Nicole, PhD




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English, Asbury, Room 320A
Greencastle, IN


Assistant Professor of English

Nicole Lobdell joined the English Department in 2016 as an Assistant Professor of English (NTT). Previously, she was a Marion L. Brittain Fellow in the School of Literature, Media, and Communication at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, GA.

With expertise in Romantic and Victorian literature, Lobdell teaches a range of courses with interests in 19th-century British literature, Gothic literature, science and technology, gender/sexuality studies, and medical humanities. She has recently offered courses on such topics as "The Female Gothic," "Press A to Play: Video Game Narratives," and "Brain on Fire: Medical Narratives."

Her most recent publications include an article on Victorian counterfeiting culture and Christina Rossetti's Goblin Market in Victorian Network (December 2018) and a new critical edition of of HG Wells's The Invisible Man for Broadview Press (October 208).

She has published previously on Margaret Fuller's Woman in the Nineteenth Century, Mary Shelley's short fictions, and William Blake's poetry. She has also edited special issues of Nineteenth-Century Gender Studies (July 2015), Nineteenth-Century Contexts (December 2015), and most recently Science Fiction Studies for the bicentennial of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (July 2018).

Spring 2019 Courses

ENG 255: "Brain on Fire": Medical Narratives (course description)

ENG 282: British Writers II: A survey of British literature from 1780 CE to 2018 (course description)

ENG 393: Daring, Wild, Visionary: The Global Romantics (course description)

Fall 2019 Courses

ENG 191: Reading Literature: Science, Technology, and Nature (course description)

ENG 255: "Gothic Short Stories: East and West Legacies" (course description)

ENG 282: British Writers II: "War & Empire" (course description)

Spring 2020 Courses

ENG 151: Reading Literature: Poetry, Fiction, Drama

ENG 191: Reading Literature: Science, Technology, and Nature

ENG 255: TBA



Now from Broadview Press, a new critical edition of HG Wells's The Invisible Man, co-edited with Nancee Reeves (University of Georgia). This new edition features a critical introduction, footnotes, and seven appendices of historical contexts including  "The Four Endings of The Invisible Man," "Invisibility in Nineteenth-Century Fiction," and "Technology Contexts: Röntgen Rays and Radio Waves." Click here for the Broadview Press publication page.


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