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About Us

Scope of Services

DePauw University Counseling Services is considered an outpatient and non-urgent level of care and provides clinical counseling and consultation to currently enrolled undergraduate students during the academic year. We additionally offer a wide range of mental health and wellness outreach and prevention programming to our entire campus community. 

Students who require a higher level of care than Counseling Services can provide, or whose needs may be better met elsewhere, may be referred to community providers. This is to ensure each DePauw student receives a level of care consistent with the ethical and professional standards of psychological and mental health counseling practice. Common mental health concerns that are beyond Counseling Services’ scope of services are often severe and chronic in nature and may require longer term or intensive treatment. Examples of such concerns include active psychosis, acute mood and personality disorders, and medically compromising psychological disorders. In the event one of our licensed clinical counselors determines a community referral may better meet the needs of a student, our staff will make every effort to effectively communicate the referral to the student, assist in identifying appropriate community resources, and may make attempts to coordinate the continuation of care if necessary. 

Meet the Staff

The Counseling Services staff includes our Clinical Director, five licensed clinical counselors, our Mental Health and Wellness Educator/Outreach Coordinator, a part-time Psychiatrist, and our office manager. We additionally serve as a practicum training site for 2-3 masters and/or doctoral level psychology/counseling students each academic year. To learn more about our team and the ways in which we can support the needs of our students, read our staff bios!


-Mental Health Education Room

-Relaxation Room

-2, all-gender, single-use restrooms

-Motorized entrance door