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Clinical Services

Counseling can take a number of forms. The decision about which type of service may be appropriate is based on many factors, including your current concerns and needs, your counseling history, scheduling considerations, and availability of resources. Our goal in this process is to find the best way to attend to your concerns in the most effective and efficient way. DePauw University Counseling Services offers the following services and works within a brief therapy model.

Eligibility and Fees 


Types of Counseling Offered



The initial consultation serves as the first appointment contact for students interested in our services.  This consultation session provides an opportunity to identify presenting concerns as well as assess/respond to immediate needs.  Additionally, client and counselor will work together to determine the type of services that would be most appropriate and effective to address any follow-up or ongoing needs.  This may result in recommendations for additional consultation, establishing brief or short-term counseling, participation in groups, or referral to campus and/or community resources.



Following an initial consultation, a client may be referred and scheduled for an intake assessment, the purpose of which is to gather further information regarding the client’s presenting concerns as well as more detailed background and personal history.  The intake assessment is used to help determine the course, potential goals, and clinical recommendations for participation in short-term therapy, while also identifying any additional campus or community services/resources to address the client’s concerns/needs.


During the course of individual counseling/therapy, clients work with a mental health professional or supervised counselor-in-training, to identify and make progress toward established goals and desired changes.  This process may involve identifying and expressing feelings, examining thoughts and beliefs, reflecting on patterns of behavior, and/or working through difficult experiences in a safe and supportive space.



Group therapy and group support spaces offer students a variety of settings in which to share and explore common issues and concerns and to acquire new skills.  Each semester/year, we aim to offer new and different group opportunities that allow for open participation/membership and focus on a range of topic areas and student populations.



Counseling Services offers emergency/crisis assessment and intervention through walk-in appointments from 11:00 AM-12:00 PM and 3:00 PM-4:00 PM, Monday-Friday.  Through our work and partnership with MINDful College Connections, our regional consortium project, students have 24/7 access to mental health crisis line support. This service is provided by Mantra Health and is accessible by contacting our main office phone number (765-658-4268).



Psychiatric evaluations, follow-up sessions, and medication management are offered through our part-time, contracted psychiatrist and psychiatric nurse practitioner.  Appointments are available on several days during each month of the academic semester.



If you are ever concerned about the mental health or well-being of a currently-enrolled student at DePauw University, our office is happy to speak with you to provide support and help you think through options for care and assistance. Consultation is available for students, family members, and faculty/staff.



Counseling Services provides an outpatient and generalist scope of care.  Students who require higher-level, longer-term, and/or more specialized care may be referred to off-campus, community resources in order to connect with the most appropriate service provider and treatment modality.