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Clinical Services

Counseling can take a number of forms. The decision about which type of service may be appropriate is based on many factors, including your current concerns and needs, your counseling history, scheduling considerations, and availability of resources. Our goal in this process is to find the best way to attend to your concerns in the most effective and efficient way. DePauw University Counseling Services offers the following services and works within a brief therapy model.

Eligibility and Fees 


Types of Counseling Offered


All enrolled DePauw students are entitled to an initial assessment to determine what their focus of therapy will be, what types of services would be the most appropriate and effective when addressing this particular concern, and whether DePauw University Counseling Services is the best place to address this issue.


In a one-on-one interaction with a counselor, you are helped to express feelings, examine thoughts and beliefs, reflect on patterns of behavior, and work toward making healthy changes in your life.


Groups led by professional staff offer students a supportive and stimulating environment to explore common issues of concern. We encourage you to learn more about Group Counseling and to browse our complete list of current groups offered this semester at Counseling Services.


Couples may also utilize this service to improve their relationship, work out communication problems, discuss their values, similarities, and differences as it pertains to their own expectations of what a relationship is and seek out compromises if they see fit. To be eligible for this service, both students must be enrolled at DePauw University.

Emergency/crisis services

Our staff offers emergency/crisis services including assessment and interventions during regular office hours and after hours through Protocall Services, Inc.


Psychiatric evaluations and follow up sessions are offered through our consulting psychiatrist.

CONSULTATION for concerned others

If you are concerned about a friend, loved one or student who is currently enrolled at DePauw University, we are happy to speak with you, provide support and help you think through your options when it comes to helping this person. This service is available to students, family members, and faculty and staff members.


Counseling Services is considered an outpatient and non-urgent level of care. Students who require a higher level of care than Counseling Services can provide, or whose needs may be better met elsewhere, may be referred to community providers. Common mental health concerns that are beyond Counseling Services’ scope of services are often severe and chronic in nature that may require longer term or intensive treatment.