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GoldConnect: Campus Labs at DePauw

Campus Labs - The Gold Commitment Experience Portal

Enabling students to compile a portfolio of their experiences in and outside the classroom that deepen and broaden their lives.

About Campus Labs at DePauw

Campus Labs is DePauw's Gold Commitment Experience Portal.

Students use Campus Labs to find out about events on campus, track their Gold Commitment Experience participation, and check-in to campus events.

Gold Commitment advisors use Campus Labs to guide their students in identifying Commitment activities and it provides the basis for conversations about students’ co-curricular pathway experiences as those connect with the curriculum and each student’s development and ambitions. 

Student organizations use Campus Labs to coordinate group events and manage membership activities, and campus planners use Campus Labs to market and publicize events and activities to the campus community at large.

Resources for Campus Labs

GoldConnect: DePauw's Campus Labs


How-to Guides, FAQ's, and other Online Help Resources

IT KnowledgeBase: Gold Connect: Campus Labs

Description of the Gold Commitment three content areas and ways of interacting:

  • Career & Life Development, Civil & Global Learning, and Communication & Collaboration
  • Explore, Engage, Connect

The Gold Commitment - Defining the 3 Areas

The Event Check-in App: For campus event hosts to check students and others into events using a mobile device

Campus Labs
Event Check-in App
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Help with using Campus Labs for co-curricular advising

Contact:  Samantha Sarich

Help with using Campus Labs for event scheduling & marketing

Contact: Elizabeth Getz

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Last updated: 24-Jul-2019