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I: Drive Content Retention Policy

Retention and Removal of I: Drive Content

Course-related I: Drive folders and materials will be left online for a period of one year and one semester following the relevant active course semester.

Prior to retirement of the folder(s) and removal of the content, notification will be sent to inform students, faculty, and staff about the designated removal date and provide a reminder to archive materials they wish to keep.

After the designated date, the outdated folder(s) and content will be removed from the network and deleted. After removal, that content will no longer be available on the network, and it will not be recoverable from central Data Center backups.

Making archival backups of I: drive content prior to removal

Students, faculty, and staff are responsible for archiving and maintaining backups of their own I: Drive content before their folder is removed.

In the event that content from a previously removed I: drive folder needs to be restored on the network, the owner of that content is responsible for providing an archived copy to Information Services for the restoration.

Last update: 17-Feb-2023