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The DePauw AT&T Discount

All DePauw students and employees are eligible for an AT&T wireless discount.

To apply for your discount

Step 1:

Register your AT&T account with your DePauw.edu address using the primary phone number of the account under which your phone is included. 

It is not required that the account be in the student's name; a relative or guardian can establish an account for the student's benefit and take advantage of the discount. For example:

  • My phone is the only one on the account - Use your number
  • My phone is part of a family plan and it is the primary number - Use your number
  • My phone is part of a family plan as a $9.99 add-on - Use the Primary number (not your number)

Step 2:

Register for your discount online using the DePauw FAN# listed below:

DePauw FAN#
DePauw Discount
(off of monthly voice rate charges
and data plan of at least $25)
Address for the Discount
Students 2529852 10% www.att.com/wireless/depauwstudents
Faculty & Staff Contact:
Nikki Brueggeman
15% www.att.com/wireless/depauwemployees
  1. Log in to your AT&T Account at the online address from the table above.
  2. Select the link labeled Discounts Registration.
  3. Select the Online Validation Process link and add your information as prompted. It should take about 30 seconds to complete the entire process. 


  • You MUST use your DePauw.edu email address – the discount is solely dependent on this email address.  This is how AT&T confirms you are connected to DePauw University.
  • If you are signing up for a FamilyTalk plan, be sure to use the primary phone number on the account not a $9.99 add-on line. 
  • When entering the last four digits of the SSN, be sure to use the last four digits of the account holder's SSN.
  • Once you have completed the process, AT&T will send a confirmation email to your DePauw.edu address.

It may take one to two billing cycles for the discount to become active on your bill, but from the point you have added it to your account, you will always be sent to the DePauw University specific site when you log in to your account via the regular AT&T wireless website.  In the upper right corner of the Web page below your account name, you will see DePauw University FAN # xxxxxxxx (your individual # through the DePauw FAN).

If you are not a current AT&T customer

If you are not currently an AT&T customer, but would like to transfer to AT&T:

  1. Visit the AT&T address from the table above.
  2. Select the upper right box labeled Get Started. You will be guided through the process of selecting a phone and a plan and the applicable discounts will automatically apply.

Can I transfer my current wireless phone number from another carrier?

Yes, you should be able to transfer your current wireless phone number from any other carrier. To do so, you will need your cellular phone number, your account number, and your PIN code on the account, if you have one.

However, if your contract is not up with the other carrier, cancellation penalties may apply on the carrier's part. You will have to refer to their customer service department to determine if this may or may not apply.

If you have questions regarding your AT&T device or account, contact AT&T. If you have questions about applying the discount, contact Nikki Brueggeman at 765-658-4580.