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Alicia Cotsoradis '18 Wins Full-Tuition Scholarship to Study Abroad in New Zealand

Alicia Cotsoradis '18 Wins Full-Tuition Scholarship to Study Abroad in New Zealand

October 28, 2016

DePauw University junior Alicia Cotsoradis is the recipient of a $15,000 full-tuition scholarship to study abroad in New Zealand for a semester. 

Go Overseas and Education New Zealand, the co-sponsors of the scholarship competition, surprised the junior biochemistry with a campus visit this week to let her know she is the winner of the 2016 scholarship competition. The award covers her tuition and expenses for the overseas experience, with STA Travel sponsoring her round-trip flight.

The national competition considers a student's grade point average, quality of their essay, creativity of the photo submission, and general academic standing and involvement.

Cotsoradis, an Honor Scholar who plans to pursue a career in medicine, says, " I chose to study abroad in order to eventually make me a better doctor. My patients will have such a large array of backgrounds, and during this semester abroad I want to work to know cultures other than my own so I can better my empathy skills and set myself up for success. Specifically, I chose New Zealand because it represents a culture of imagination and an appreciation for all things beautiful."

The junior adds, "Between the incredible scenery, the love for adventure, and a culture based on long standing traditions, New Zealand holds all the elements necessary for me to explore myself and merge my science background with more hands on skills that will help me later in life." (photo at left: Neal McKinney '09, assistant director of off-campus programs at DePauw's Hubbard Center for Student Engagement, with Costoradis)

Video of Cotsoradis receiving word that she'd won the scholarship is embedded below.

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