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Professional Workshop Fund

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Deadline: First come, first served pending availability of funds.

Purpose: For faculty members in Category A (full-time tenure-track faculty members, faculty members with multi-year term appointments and librarians) there is $1000 a year available to attend workshops separate from conferences.

For workshops that extend longer than the usual 1-4 days or more than the $1000 limit, faculty members may choose to submit a Professional Development Fund grant application.

Eligibility: see "Faculty Categories and Eligibility for Funding" for eligibility and amount of funding allocated for each category.

Reporting Process: Receipts for all expenses (except for meals) and a completed accounting reimbursement voucher worksheet must be submitted to Becky Wallace within four weeks of returning from the conference for reimbursement.

To receive the presentation credit a copy of the paper, a copy of the printed program or link to the online program in which your name appears, or a description of your professional outreach activities must be submitted to Becky Wallace (facdev@depauw.edu).

Criteria for Evaluation: First-come, first-served pending availability of funds.