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Sustainability in DePauw Facilities

The Office of Facilities Management strives for sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions to facility needs.

Some of the accomplishments to date include:

  • Changing of 1500 incandescent bulbs to CFL
  • Re-lamping of buildings from t-12 to T-8 as opportunities arise
  • Use of Green Seal products for custodial services
  • Use of micro-fiber rags rather than paper
  • Over 800 recycling containers on campus
  • 2 LEED Certified buildings on campus
  • Recycling of used carpet
  • Began installing waterless urinals where applicable
  • Compost kitchen and yard waste
  • Annual recycling totals  100,000 lb paper and 50,000 lb co-mingle

Office of Sustainability

To learn more about DePauw's commitment to sustainability and its efforts to encourage sustainable practices across the University, please visit the Office of Sustainability's website.

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