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Employees may increase/decrease their health savings account (HSA) contributions throughout the calendar year from $0 up to the IRS limits.  Employees should also keep in mind when making changes, that any contributions received from DePauw also counts towards the IRS maximum.

IRS 2024 Maximum Contributions for Employee and Family

To make changes log into ADP portal (www.workforcenow.adp.com).  Depending on the timing of your submission, changes can take one to two pay cycles to be reflected.

  • Go to MYSELF > Benefits > Enrollments

ADP Benefits screen with Enrollments highlighted

  • In the Year Round Enrollment box click on ENROLL NOW > MANAGE


HSA Enrollments Submitted screen

HSA Enrollment screen demonstrating a user who's opted to make changes



 HSA Enrollment Available Plans screen

  • Select Custom Amount option, select Per Pay Period Frequency > Enter Contribution Amount > Preview and Confirm

HSA Contributions Amount Confirmation screen


  • Click on CLOSE  to complete workflow request

Employees may check their HSA balances within the HSA Bank portal.  Just a reminder to also designate at least one primary beneficiary while you are in the portal.  Should you need assistance logging into the HSA portal contact HSA Bank customer service team directly at 800-357-6246.

How can you use your pre-tax HSA dollars?  See the HSA Eligibility List for examples; keep in mind this is not all-inclusive. 

Contact Human Resources if you have questions or need assistance at hr@depauw.edu or 765-658-4181.