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College campuses function as spaces for experimentation, innovation, and demonstration for the changes we'd like to see in the world around us. SLP provides students with the opportunity to receive funding for sustainability-related projects that positively impact the environment and communities within Putnam County. These grant funds, called Green Grants, can be utilized for projects in the arts, agriculture, transportation, leadership, storytelling, outreach, infrastructure, housing, and more.

Individual students or small groups have the chance to imagine a sustainability-related project and have it fully funded up to $3,000 in Green Grant money per academic year! These projects/initiatives should makes a positive change on campus or within Putnam County. Applying for a Green Grant isn't just about funding, the two-semester process brings students together to see an initial idea develop into an impactful project ready for completion. Students of all majors and skillsets may apply on a rolling basis each academic year and will have until the end of the spring semester to implement the project using approved Green Grant funds.

The Benefits

Connect with like-minded peers to identify sustainability-related possibilities and take action on them.

Build relationships with campus and community mentors as you develop and implement your idea.

Gain grant-writing skills/experience with flexibility and guidance from Sustainability Staff.

Become a part of real-world changes that positively impact the Putnam County community.

Green Grants- Up to $3,000


Requirements to Apply:

Small groups
• At least one student involved in the project must be a member of the Sustainability Leadership Program as a Green Tiger or higher. To join the program, fill out the SLP Interest Form.
• One student must be identified as the primary investigator (PI) and will serve as the main point of contact for the Office of Sustainability throughout the application/implementation process.
•At least two-thirds of the project group must stay on campus for both semesters.

•Must be a member of the Sustainability Leadership Program as a Green Tiger or higher. To join the program, fill out the SLP Interest Form.

Key Steps:

1. Optional: Set up meeting with Sustainability Staff anytime by emailing sustainability@depauw.edu if you’d like to discuss your project idea and other possibilities before submitting your grant application.
2. Submit your official grant application (document linked above) anytime throughout the academic year, keeping in mind that all funds must be spent by the end of the academic year.

Examples of Green Grant initiatives:

DePauw's Green-To-Go Program

DePauw's Green Event Certification Program

Ubben Quad Energy Challenge

Thrifty Tiger Photo Corner

Campus Farm Rainbow Garden

Green Grants and Mini Grants are made possible thanks to the partnership between the Office of Sustainability and Putnam Parks and Pathways.