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Faculty and Staff Parking Regulations

Faculty and Staff who choose to drive a vehicle to campus must register their vehicle at the DePauw Police Department located in the lower level of 101 E. Seminary St., you may register by visiting the office or via the e-Services parking registration form. Registering for a parking permit via e-Services will result in the permit being mailed to the faculty/staff member's office via campus mail. Please note due to the time delay in processing via this method, citations for No Valid Permit could be issued in the interim.

The parking permit will then be sent via campus mail to your University office. We will need information about the make, model, color of your vehicle, and the license plate number including state off issue. Please include your campus phone number and/or cell phone number. There is no cost for Faculty and Staff permits. We only require that they be displayed in the lower left or driver's side corner of the rear windshield, unless tinted then proper display is in the lower left or driver’s side corner of the front windshield.

Faculty & Staff permits are only valid when used by DePauw employees. Faculty and Staff may park in a marked space in any University lot or along adjacent streets.

Parking is prohibited in fire lanes, service drives/spaces, yellow curbs or reserved/posted spaces (ie: posted areas with Visitor Only signs or Service Vehicles Only) Service Permits are available for University service personnel. Temporary Permits are available for vendors and delivery personnel.

In the event you are hosting a visitor or a group of visitors, please contact our office in advance so we may provide convenient parking arrangements or parking information.

Parking fines are:

  • Failure to Register/No Valid Permit $25

  • Yellow Curb/Hashed Area Violation $25

  • Improper Parking Violations $25

  • Fraudulent Use of a Ticket $50

  • Handicap Violation (Street or Lot) $50

Fines are payable at the Cash Receipts Office located in the Administration Building.

We appreciate your assistance! Please contact the DePauw Police Department at (765)658-5555 with any questions.