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Upperclass Student Parking Regulations

DePauw is a residential campus; therefore academic buildings and athletic facilities are within easy walking distance of all living units, parking spaces on and around campus are limited. The DePauw Police Department designates and regulates parking privileges for students, faculty, and staff.

University Policy

Any student having a vehicle in Greencastle is required to obtain and properly display a parking permit for his/her vehicle. Additionally, all students are required to understand and abide by the DePauw student parking regulations, available on the DePauw Police website. Pursuant to Greencastle City Resolution 1998-18 and Indiana Code 20-12-3.5-3, and beginning with the 1998-99 academic year, the University administration has charged the DePauw Police Department with enforcing the permit requirement on University property, as well as parking along city streets. Violation of the following parking regulations will result in fines, vehicle impoundment, and referral to Community Standards, and ultimately, loss of parking privileges.

Vehicle Registration

Students must register their vehicle through e-Services. To register a vehicle, a student must provide vehicle information (including license plate, make, model, and color).  Once the parking permit registration has been processed, the permit will be delivered to the student's UB Box, the student will also receive and updated Parking Regulations Brochure which will be included in the envelope with the parking permit. The cost of a student parking permit is $110, which is charged to the student’s account. Permits carry an expiration date and must be renewed at the beginning of each school year. The expiration date is printed on each permit. All permits are nontransferable. If, for any reason, a student brings a vehicle to campus other than the one originally registered, that vehicle must also be registered at a charge of $15.

Temporary permits, valid for 30 days or less, are available at a charge of $10. Students found to be supplying, receiving or displaying improper permits will be subject to fines and a referral to Community Standards.

All parking permits are required to be affixed and completely visible. The permit should be affixed on the driver’s side lower left corner of the rear windshield, on the inside of the vehicle. Exception: If the permit would not be visible in that location (i.e. a dark tint on rear glass or convertible top,) the permit should be affixed on the front windshield driver’s side lower left corner, on the inside of the vehicle.

Parking for Upperclass students is divided into two categories

R Permits

Students residing in Residence Halls and other University Owned Housing (Duplexes, Apartments, etc.) These students may park in the following parking lots and areas designated with “R” permit signage.

  • Bloomington St. Hall Lot (in marked spaces, and gravel lot east of the paved lot)

  • College St. Lot (south of Lilly Center)

  • Hanna St. (between Locust St. and the entrance to the Rector Village Lot)

  • Hill St. Duplex Lot (between Duplexes off Hill St)

  • Indiana St. (between Seminary/Hanna Sts.)

  • Jackson St. Lot (behind Jackson St Duplexes)

  • Locust Apts. Lot (behind Locust Apts.)

  • Rector Village Lot (behind/east of Rector Village)

  • Seminary St. Apts. Lot (off Spring St.)

  • Seminary St. (between Locust & Spring Sts.)

  • Senior Hall Lot (behind Senior Hall)

  • Spring St. Lot (north of Seminary St., entrances on Spring St. and Locust St.)

  • University Owned Apartments and Houses Parking

The appropriate spaces in each lot/streets are designated by lines, parking bumpers and/or signs. If not marked in such a way the area is not a parking space, parking outside designated spaces may result in a violation.

U Permits

Upper-Class students in Greek Housing, students residing in Fraternities and Sororities, should have a U permit. University parking permits are still required when parking in private fraternity and sorority house lots.

There is very limited parking availability on those city streets directly in front of and on the same side of the street as their respective living unit, these areas are designated by posted signage indicating Upper-Class Parking.

Students may also park in any University lot posted as “Student Parking” or “U” Upper Class. These locations are:

Street Parking (Except where signs prohibit student parking):

  • College Street (between Pine and Olive Streets)

  • Hanna Street (between Locust Street and the entrance to the Rector Village Lot)

  • Locust Street (between Olive and Ohio Streets)

  • Locust Street (north of Seminary St. in designated spaces)

  • Park Street (north side ONLY, west of College St. in designated spaces)

  • Seminary Street (east of Locust St. in designated spaces)

U Lot Parking:

  • College Street Lot (south of Lilly Center)

  • Elm Street Lot (east of PCCM on Elm Street)

  • Dells Lot (directly south of Jordan Hall)

  • Ohio Street Lot (corner of Locust and Ohio Streets)

  • Peeler Art Center Lot (south of the building, where posted)

  • Senior Hall Lot (behind Senior Hall east of Rector Village Lot)

  • Spring St. Lot (north of Seminary St., entrances on Spring St. and Locust St.)

  • Athletic Complex (Blackstock, Reavis, etc.)

Commuter students, driving to campus of living off campus in Greencastle, in house not owned or leased by the University, may park in the following location. The fee for this permit type is $50 billed to the student's account.

Peeler lot ONLY

The appropriate spaces in each lot/streets are designated by lines, parking bumpers and/or signs. If not marked in such a way, the area is not a parking space; parking outside designated spaces may result in a violation Evening/Weekend Parking Between 4 p.m. and 7 a.m. Monday - Friday, and anytime on weekends, students may park in any University Faculty/Staff lot and along streets marked with signage, indicating parking availability between 4 p.m. and 7 a.m.  These streets are restricted from student parking during University business hours Monday - Friday 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Where Students May Not Park

Students may NOT park in any University Staff/Faculty/Visitor designated lots or streets between the hours of 7 AM – 4 PM Monday – Friday. Pursuant to City Ordinance / Resolution No. 1998-18 and Indiana Code 20-12-3.5-3; students may NOT park at any time on City streets within the areas bordered by Walnut Street on the north, Bloomington Street on the east, Berry Street on the south, and Jackson Street on the west, unless otherwise noted above in the section of Where students may park. Parking and traffic can be very congested on and around campus.

Knowing WHERE you can park is the most efficient means of avoiding unnecessary fines, vehicle impoundment, referral to Community Standards and possible revocation of vehicle privileges at DePauw.

Upperclass Student Parking Regulations Violations & Fines include:

  • No Valid/Improper Display of Permit $25.00

  • Parked in Faculty/Staff or Visitor $25.00

  • Parked on Yellow Curb/Hashed area/No Parking/Fire Lane $25.00

  • Parked in Restricted Areas $25.00

  • Improper Parking (outside of space, etc.) $25.00

  • Handicap Parking violation $50.00

  • Fraudulent Use of a Ticket $50.00

Students are responsible for any violations of University parking regulations involving the vehicle(s) they own or have registered on campus. We strongly encourage all students to visit the DePauw Police website to stay informed on current public safety issues as well as parking policy updates. You may also direct questions to our 24-hour Dispatch Center at 765-658-5555.