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DePauw Police Department Staff

Dedicated Professional Service. The DePauw Police Department is professionally staffed with sworn police officers. Each police officer is a graduate of the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy and are empowered with full police authority pursuant to Indiana Code 21-17-5. Officers are authorized to make arrests and are charged with enforcing federal and state laws, as well as University rules and regulations.

Police Officers

Charlene Shrewsbury Charlene Shrewsbury Chief


Rick Keller Rick Keller Assistant Chief


Robert Carter Robert Carter Officer / Emergency Management


Cameron Barnett Cameron Barnett Sergeant


Austin Query Austin Query OFFICER


Craig Richey Craig Richey OFFICER


Dustin Carpenter Dustin Carpenter OFFICER


Communication Center

Dee White Dee White Communication Center Coordinator


Tammie Gardner Tammie Gardner Dispatcher / Operator


Anna Monnett Anna Monnett Dispatcher/Operator


Rachel Beck Rachel Beck Dispatcher/Operator


Kelli Stevens Kelli Stevens Dispatcher/Operator


Security Officers

Antoine Stewart Antoine Stewart Security Officer


Zachary Nichols Zachary Nichols Safe Ride Van Driver and Security Staff


Office Manager



Interacting with a DePauw POLICE Officer

As a member of the DePauw community, the occasion may arise when you may interact with a Police Officer from the DePauw Police Department. This could happen for a variety of reasons. The officer may be investigating a crime or they may believe you are a witness and have information that might be helpful. In all cases, if an officer asks you to identify yourself, you are required by Indiana State Law IC 34-28-5-3.5 and DePauw University code of conduct, to produce identification or give personal identity information including your name, address, date of birth, etc.

If the officer is investigating a crime or complaint, they may also ask reasonable questions to help them determine whether a crime has occurred or a complaint is valid. Refusal to answer questions may prevent an officer from gathering all necessary information. If an officer stops you, you should do your best to try to answer the questions the officer poses. Running from DePauw Police Officers is not advised in any situation and is an additional violation of State Law and the University’s Code of Conduct, to flee or resist DePauw Police Officers, as well as any other local law enforcement Officers.

A police officer will not detain you for an unreasonable amount of time and may not arrest you without cause. If you are placed under arrest, the officer must tell you with what crime you are charged. Individual cases must be reviewed by a judge for cause within 48 hours. If you are given a citation by a DePauw Police Officer, this is a state citation and is in addition to a referral to the Community Standards Committee. You will receive communication from the Putnam County Prosecutor’s Office, usually in the form of a summons to court with an assigned court date. Community Standards will also contact you in regards to the University’s process.

If during any encounter with a DePauw Police Officer you feel that the officer has acted unprofessionally or inappropriately, contact the Police Department Director during normal business hours, 765-658-5555 or police@depauw.edu


Note: The contents of this page are intended to provide useful information to the general public. It should not be construed as legal advice or counsel. You should consult an attorney who may advise you of your specific legal rights and remedies in a given circumstance.