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Crime Prevention

Safety is Everyone's Responsibility

A truly informed public is the best tool available in preventing crime and solving incidents. Through the Timely Warning/Crime Alert program, we work with campus media, the Emergency Notification process, Campus Living and Community Development representatives and student organizations to promptly disseminate information about crimes that may threaten public safety and security of our campus. 

The support, cooperation and involvement of students and staff with public safety efforts are crucial to the success of our overall safety program. Members of the campus community must assume responsibility for their own safety and the security of their personal belongings by taking simple, common sense precautions. 

Suspicious activity or individuals should be reported to the DePauw Police Department immediately.  765-658-5555

Suspicious Activity may include:

  • Walking Aimlessly

  • Staring

  • Who they are in relation to what’s happening in the building or on campus

  • Normal v. Abnormal

  • If something doesn't fit; Call DePauw Police Department, immediately!

Theft Prevention

  • Vehicles should be parked and secured in well-lighted areas, and valuables should be removed and concealed. 

  • Exterior doors to residential facilities should be closed and locked.  Room doors should be locked when unoccupied. 

  • Maintain access control by not propping doors

  • Do not leave personal items unattended while in University buildings, such as the library or other study spaces

  • Record the make, model and serial numbers for your property

  • You may choose to engrave or mark equipment with identifying information.  The DePauw Police Department has an engraving tool that can be borrowed to engrave your property. 

  • Consider using tracking software for phone, computers, etc. 

Be a Good Witness, Your Description:

  • How tall are they in relation to you

  • How old are they

  • Race

  • Weight

  • Hair Color

  • Hair Length, texture, style

  • Tattoos, scars or skin markings

  • Clothing

  • Writing on Shirts or Hats

  • What direction did they leave

  • Vehicle information; including make, model, color, and license plate

  • Accessories: backpacks, jewelry, shoes, hats, coats, glasses

Remember that everyone notices different features, relay what stands out to you!