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Overview of Services

Counseling Services is an outpatient mental health agency within the Student Academic Life Division at DePauw University.

Mission Statement

The mission of Counseling Services (CS) is to promote emotional, interpersonal, physical, and psychological well-being of students at DePauw University. We provide a comprehensive array of mental health services to DePauw University students to prevent, assess, and treat mental health concerns. We are committed to affirming diversity in its broadest form and to serve as an advocate for social justice in our college community. We strive to build a multicultural learning community, and to provide leadership in doing so by forming collaborative partnerships with Student Life, Academic Life, and the entire DePauw University community.


Counseling Services provides counseling and consultation to currently enrolled undergraduate students. We offer a wide range of mental health services to students seeking help with their personal concerns. Our diverse staff specializes in concerns common among college students, such as personal stress and anxiety, depression, academic and career related concerns, relationship concerns, identity development, and substance use. Our services include individual, couple, and group therapy, outreach efforts, psychiatry, and consultation to students, staff, faculty, and parents/guardians concerned about a student in distress. Counseling Services is considered an outpatient and non-urgent level of care. As such, Counseling Services provides referral information to students that will best meet their mental health needs when they may require more intensive and/or urgent care and services.

Scope of Services

DePauw University Counseling Services is considered an outpatient and non-urgent level of care to students at DePauw University. A list of clinical and non-clinical services that we offer include:  

Clinical Services

  • Intake assessment
  • Individual counseling
  • Couple counseling
  • Group counseling  
  • Psychiatry (via a consulting psychiatrist)
  • Crisis intervention and management
  • Clinical referrals to off-campus providers of health and mental health services

Non-Clinical Services

  • Outreach programming (including workshops, classroom presentations)
  • Consultation to faculty, staff, and concerned individuals for students in distress
  • Professional psychological training of graduate-level psychology trainees

Eligibility for Services

All currently enrolled students at DePauw University are eligible for services offered by Counseling Services. Fee for clinical services are covered by the tuition and fees that enrolled students pay for that semester. Counseling Services primarily provides short-term counseling based on a brief therapy model. Students who sought individual therapy with Counseling Services in recent years typically attend 6 to 12 solution-focused therapy sessions each academic year. Currently, there is no session limit as long as the student continues to make progress toward his or her goals for therapy.

(Please note that DePauw University faculty and staff enrolled as part-time students are NOT eligible for clinical services offered by Counseling Services; instead, they may contact the Employee Assistance Program offered to DePauw employees.)

Community Referral

Students who require a higher level of care than Counseling Services can provide, or whose needs may be better met elsewhere, may be referred to community providers. Common mental health concerns that are beyond Counseling Services’ scope of services are often severe and chronic in nature that may require longer term or intensive treatment. Examples of such concerns include active psychosis, acute mood and personality disorders, and medically compromising psychological disorders.

In the event that a professional counseling staff at Counseling Services determines that a community referral may better meet the needs of a student, Counseling Services can assist this student with finding a good referral that matches their unique needs. This is to ensure that each DePauw student receives the level of care that meets professional and ethical standards of psychological and mental health counseling practice. Counseling Services staff will make every effort to communicate this referral clearly with the student, and may make attempts to coordinate their continuation of care with community partners if necessary.