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Event Planning

Public Safety wants to help you have a successful and safe event

We need to work together to make sure that we both have all the information so that we can assess the need for security at campus events. Please refer to the University's policy on Event Planning and Noise.

Individuals or Organizations sponsoring "all campus" events, (such as: concerts, music or other open to public or campus at large), on University property and/or any event where anticipated attendance is more than 200 people are required to contact the Public Safety Office at least two weeks prior to the event to discuss the need for additional security.

The University reserves the right to reject a security plan presented by individuals or organizations. If necessary, additional security shall be the financial responsibility of the sponsoring individual or organizations(s).

Individuals or organizations should not sign any contracts committing the University to specific security specifications without consulting with the Public Safety Office, 765-658-5555.

A venue must also be approved by the Office of Conferences and Campus Events, 765-658-6596 or 765-658-4626

The Campus Activities Office is a resource for advice in planning events on campus.