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Timely Warnings/Crime Alerts

Keeping our Community Informed

A Timely Warning will be issued to the community when incidents of criminal activity, specifically the crimes reported on our statistics page, occur on campus or within the immediate proximity of campus. Timely Warnings may also be issued when instances of criminal behavior pose a potential threat to the community.

Timely Warnings differ from Emergency Notifications. Timely Warnings are sent to inform our community of less than imminent threats or reoccurring crime trends. Timely Warnings are sent by means of the same modes of communication, with the exception of SMS text messages. Text messages are reserved for instances when an imminent threat is perceived. Information regarding these crimes/trends may originate from Public Safety Reports, from local Law Enforcement Agencies or the Putnam County 911 Center.

Timely Warnings are posted via this web page and may also be issued via WGRE Radio, The DePauw Newspaper, e-mail blasts, network bulletins, telephone trees, and portable public address systems as needed.