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Funding for Off-Campus Study

There are lots of scholarships outside of DePauw. But where to find them? Below is a list of scholarships that, while not exhaustive, provide an idea of the types of scholarships available outside of DePauw. This is just a sample list, and not all are specific to off-campus study. If you want to find more, use the search sites below. Read on for more...

Program Scholarships

One of the best places to start your search is with the off-campus programs that DePauw partners with. Most programs available on the DePauw website offer their own scholarships, with some also offering grants and low cost/free loans. 

DePauw partner programs

Scholarships are often aimed at particular groups of people, subject areas, or professions. Below are some examples of scholarships targeted at particular groups. 

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Scholarships search engines & databases

DePauw partner programs

Disability scholarships

Diversity scholarships


International student scholarships

Undocumented student scholarships

US National/governmental scholarships


Application tips


There are so many scholarships it's impossible for us to list them all, but there are a number of sites that let you set your criteria and search for relevant scholarships, some of which are listed below. 

ScholarSnapp -National Scholarship Providers Association (NSPA) - Scholar Snapp helps you save time by allowing you to move you information between application forms.

There are scholarships for just about everything…


Black Women Abroad Study Abroad Student Scholarship (SASS!)

Diverse International Women of Color  

The Diverse International Women Of Color Study Abroad Scholarship is intended to assist women of color who are exceptional in their studies and in need of financial assistance to study abroad. DIWC will award $500 scholarships to women of color who have been accepted to a In-Person Study Abroad Program.

Spring Application Period: October 

Diversity Abroad - overseas ambassador- & search tool 

DIS Abroad Diversity scholarship -  up to $6000

DIS seeks to promote a diverse student body by providing financial support to students from populations traditionally underrepresented in study abroad including but not limited to diverse ethnic, racial, cultural, or educational backgrounds, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, age, veteran status, etc.

School for Field Studies - Diversity Scholarship & Heritage Scholarships


Hispanic students  - list of non-study abroad specific scholarships

EdSmart - non study abroad list of scholarships for Hispanic & LatinX students

NBCUniversal Media Scholarship - Latino - not study abroad specific

The NBCUniversal Media Scholarship Program is intended to assist and encourage outstanding undergraduate Latino students attending a U.S. post-secondary institution with an interest in the media and entertainment industry. 

Scholarships.com search tool 


DePauw maintains a list of scholarships here


The Rainbow SIG has partnered with the Fund for Education Abroad (FEA)  to create an endowment for the Rainbow Scholarship fund, which provides funding specifically for LGBTQIA+ students.

The Rainbow Scholarship is awarded to deserving applicants who self-identify within the community. All U.S. citizens or permanent residents currently enrolled as an undergraduate at a U.S. institution of higher education and looking to study abroad are eligible to apply.

Pride - Applicants must be a resident of Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, or Washington but may study elsewhere & identify as LGBTQ+ or questioning

  • Application is open from October to early January

Point Foundation

Study.com -  directory of scholarships


For students pursuing studies related to the health and disability, to include, but not limited to public health, health promotion, disability studies, disability research, rehabilitation engineering, audiology, disability policy, special education and majors that will impact quality of life of persons with disabilities.

Applicant must have a disability as defined by the American with Disabilities Act and must provide documentation to verify this.

Preference will be given to students majoring in public health, disability studies, health promotion or a field related to disability and health.

  • Preference will be given to students with a history of community service and/or volunteer activities.

  • Applicant must be a US citizen or legal resident living in the United States and enrolled in an accredited United States university.


Scholarships for International Students

Free database of nearly 3500 scholarships, no sign-up required. Search by subject and country., 

IEFA International Education and Financial Aid - helps you find country specific scholarships - if you need to find something from your home country

https://www.internationalscholarships.com - helping you find country specific scholarships (e.g. from your home country)

 Vera Scholarship (DePauw)  - to enable exceptional students from Croatia, Slovenia or the Balkan region to access the many educational, cultural and life-long benefits a DePauw education provides.

Tortuga Backpacks Scholarship

Eligibility: a U.S. citizen, permanent resident, or currently studying in the United States on a student visa


IvyPanda writing award - up to $1500 scholarship

Global Citizen Scholarship  -up to $10,000

American Association of University Women (AAUW) International Fellowship - offers $20,000

The program provides support for women pursuing full-time graduate or postdoctoral study in the United States to women who are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents, and who intend to return to their home country to pursue a professional career

App deadline: November


Most programs DePauw partners with offer scholarships. You may wish to factor this into your search when choosing your off-campus program. Some are automatic, most you need to apply for. Check program websites for details and application instructions.

See also FEA Access Partner Program  - scholarship applicants participating on programs hosted by providers in our Access Partner Program may be eligible for additional financial support up to $5,000.

Pell Grant Matching - if you’re Pell eligible, some programs offer Pell grant matching where they will match the amount of your Pell Grant. 

 Go Overseas - a list of many program scholarships in one place


Several scholarships -Up to $5000 for historically underrepresented, marginalized students

Grants - for Pell Grant students

For Access, Inclusion, Diversity & Equity

Awarded automatically as part of application process if eligible - no need for separate application

50% of AIFS students receive a grant

 Or for specific programs.

 AMIDEAST need based - up to $5000


  • Student Athlete scholarship up to $750

  • 1st Gen - up to $750

  • Gilman match  for Gilman scholars - up to $1000

 DIS - Offers merit, need based and external scholarships

FIE - Partner scholarships UCD Dublin 

 IES Abroad

  • Around 30 scholarships

  • up to $6000

Grants - Program specific grants available

  • Disability grant

  • Gilman scholar grant

Need-based Aid - Up to $2000 per semester

Available to DePauw students

Discounts for additional consecutive term (e.g staying on for summer)

 ISA Worldstrides TEAN

  • Deadline Spring 2024: October 30

  • Application: Via student portal


  • GO (Global Opportunity) Full-Ride Scholarship

  • Diversity Scholarship

  • Semester Partnership Scholarship - available to DePauw students - need & merit based 

  • Affiliate Partnership Awards - $200 - $5000 - as an affiliated partner of ISA, DePauw students are eligible for this award

CEA CAPA scholarships & grants

Flight credit  - $1000 once you’ve registered for the program and withdrawal date has passed. See website for full eligibility criteria and how it works. 

Various other scholarships

  • Fund the Gap Cost of Living Scholarship: ($200 - $1,000)

  • Academic Excellence Scholarship - for specific subject areas and locations. Min GPA 3.75

  • Need-Based Scholarship: ($200 - $5,000)

  • Students of Color Opportunity Scholarship: ($200 - $5,000)

  • First-Generation Opportunity Scholarship: ($200 - $5,000)

  • FEA Rainbow Scholarship Fund: This scholarship is available to deserving students who identify as LGBTQIA+


  • Passport Application Subsidy: ($130) - if it’s for your first ever passport

  • Work-Study Subsidy: (up to $2,500)- to replace lost funds from inability to do work study while off-campus

  • Flight Credit (from StudentUniverse): ($1,000) for students who identify as a first-generation college student, a BIPOC student, a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, a student who receives post-9/11 GI Bill benefits, you may apply for a credit that'll be awarded in the form of a flight credit with StudentUniverse and used toward your study or intern abroad flight.

Fund For Education Abroad accessibility partner program

Centro - Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome

Thanks to the support of many loyal and generous alumni, friends, and granting agencies, the Centro offers scholarships ranging from $1,000 to over $35,000 when students demonstrate need through the FAFSA or similar instrument. The Centro Managing Committee makes need-blind admissions decisions and then awards scholarships.

Over the past 5 years, the Centro has granted nearly $1.5 million dollars in scholarships.


CIEE scholarships

CIEE Travel Grant - guaranteed if EFC of 10,000 or less 

 SFS - School For Field Studies

Have a number of their own scholarships, as well as endowed scholarships, zero & low interest loans, Financial Aid and Aid for international students not eligible for federal aid. 

  • Pell Grant Match

  • Diversity Scholarship

Eligibility includes but is not limited to those who identify as a racial or ethnic minority, members of the LGBTQ+ community, first-generation college students, students with disabilities, and students from all underrepresented groups or underserved communities.

 Low & zero interest loans

Low interest loan up to $7500 for semester programs

 APA Paris - Eligibility: min 3.25 GPA required

Awards from $500 for social media/visual scholars

Travel Grants up to $1000 for cost to/from program

Early bird discount

 SIT - DePauw nominates students for SIT scholarships of  up to $6000 per semester 

  • SIT Bonner Scholar Award

  • SIT Boren Scholar Award – To recognize students participating in the National Security Education Program (NSEP) funded award, which focuses on study abroad in areas of the world that are critical to US interests and underrepresented in study abroad.

  • SIT Fund  - For students with demonstrated financial need

  • Pell Grant Match - up to $2500 to match any pell grant funds received

SIT Study Abroad Alumni Scholarship  for previous SIT participants

  • The Compton Fund – For students enrolled in SIT programs with environmental, post-conflict transformation, or sustainable development themes.

  • John Sommer Scholarship – An average of $5,000 (amount varies) is awarded each semester to a student participating on a program in South or Southeast Asia.

  • Joan Tiffany IHP Scholarship – Awarded to students enrolled in one of the comparative International Honors Programs.

  • The Richard and Dale Levy India Scholarship – $5,000 is awarded to one student participating in a semester program in India.

  • Sarah B. and Clarence J. Gamble Scholarship – For students on a program which includes a focus on population studies, women’s health or population-related health and nutrition work. Students on any program choosing to design their Independent Study Project to focus on these areas may also be eligible.

  • SIT Bergstrom Foundation Scholarships – These scholarships ($30,000 divided between several students annually, with an average award of $3,750 per student) are for students who wish to study in Latin America or East Africa and focus primarily on women’s reproductive health and/or other topics such as girls’ education, poverty, social justice, ecology, or regional integration. Preferred SIT East Africa programs are those based in Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, or Tanzania.

 Glasgow Honors Principia -Adam Smith prize (former DePauw winners)

awarded each semester to the best Principia Consortium student in the Scottish Enlightenment class. The best overall performance is determined by the final marks awarded to Principia students in each run of the class.

University of Limerick  - Education in Ireland - Fund For Education Abroad

FEA sends disbursements directly to the student awarded, either by mailing a physical check or via direct deposit.

University of Bristol - US Foundation Board scholarship  -$5,000 USD for housing, transportation, and cost-of-living.


There are scholarships available for students from Indiana, but wherever you are from, check to see if there are specific scholarships only available to in-state residents or residents of your home country. 


Frank O'bannon Grant Program

Twenty-First Century Scholars Program 


These are typically for US nationals or permanent residents so if you do not have permanent residency in the US it may be worth checking with your home country, either government foreign office or educational departments, or charitable organizations. 

Gilman- Pell grant eligible students 

The U.S. Department of State’s Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program enables students of limited financial means to study or intern abroad, providing them with skills critical to our national security and economic prosperity. To be eligible for the Gilman Program, applicants must be receiving a Federal Pell Grant during the time of application or provide proof that they will be receiving a Pell Grant during the term of their study abroad program or internship. The Institute of International Education (IIE) has administered the program since its inception in 2001.



The mission of the Fund for Education Abroad (FEA) is to provide scholarships and ongoing support to students who are underrepresented among the U.S. study abroad population. FEA makes life-changing, international experiences accessible to all by supporting students of color, community college, and first-generation college students before, during, and after they participate in education abroad programs.

FEA's Access Partners join in the shared commitment to increase the number of underrepresented American college students studying abroad. FEA scholarship applicants participating on programs hosted by providers in our Access Partner Program may be eligible for additional financial support up to $5,000.

Boren Award - Deadline:January

An initiative of the Defense Language and National Security Education Office (DLNSEO) and funds study abroad by U.S. undergraduate students in world regions critical to U.S. interests.The Boren Awards invest in linguistic and cultural knowledge for aspiring federal government employees. Focuses on specific languages, locations and subjects of national interest. Preference given  to programs based on their duration, focus on intensive study of a preferred language in a preferred country, and the applicant’s field of study.

All eligible applicants have the option to either apply for a Regional Flagship Language Initiative or select/design their own study program.

  • Eligibility includes:

  • Planning an overseas program in a country outside of Western Europe, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand

  • Planning to study in a country of which they are not a citizen

For graduates

The US Government maintains a list of scholarships here. 


The Dream.US   - https://www.thedream.us/scholarships/opportunity-scholarship/

Available for Indiana residents, and residents of certain other states

Up to $80,000 for undergraduate studies that attend Dream.US partner institutions (does not include DePauw!).

The Voyager Scholarship - US Citizens, Permanent residents or DACA

From the Obama Foundation for students interested in public service. Available for Indiana residents, and residents of certain other states attending partner institutions (does not include DePauw).

 Hispanic Scholarship Fund - for Hispanic, US citizen or DACA

Pride - comprises 60+ scholarships

No citizenship required. Applicants must be a resident of Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, or Washington but may study elsewhere and identify as LGBTQ+ or questioning.

MPower Financing - Global Citizen Scholarship  -up to $10,000

 University of Limerick  - Education in Ireland - Fund For Education Abroad

Fund for Education Abroad


Financial Need is determined by the FEA Financial Aid Form we provide when you begin an application.

Demographic Factors that are considered include minority background, first-generation college student status, and community college experience.

Academic Plan and Preparedness is determined by your essays and unofficial transcript.


Caregivers - provides a curated list of scholarships available to caregivers


United Kingdom - Lord Acton Scholarship 

App deadline: June each year

Eligibility includes:

  • Min GPA 3.0

  • Studying at a member institution of AASAP

The purpose of the scholarship is to provide a deserving study abroad student with financial support to pursue academic study in the United Kingdom.  By offering the scholarship, AASAP/UK is fulfilling one of its purposes – the promotion and support of academic standards. The merit-based scholarship will be awarded to the applicant who demonstrates an understanding and appreciation of the value of an international educational experience and who agrees to share with AASAP/UK members the ways in which the scholarship has helped to fulfill their academic and personal ambitions.  The award will be £1,000 for a student whose program lasts at least eight weeks.

Get application tips from Point

Point programs support LGBTQ students pursuing higher education in community colleges and schools, as well as four-year degree-granting institutions.