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Hubbard Center Funding

Funding for off-campus experiences and career development.

Career Development Funding


Indiana CLEO Fellowship: up to $27,000

Available to students who plan to attend an ABA-accredited law school in Indiana. Applicants should be Indiana residents, graduates from an Indiana college, or graduates from an Indiana high school attending college out of state. Participants who successfully complete the ICLEO Summer Institute and enroll in an ABA-accredited Indiana law school in the fall semester immediately following the Institute are certified as ICLEO Fellows and receive a $4,500 Fellowship award each semester of enrollment for up to three years, to a maximum of $27,000 to offset the cost of tuition. Visit ICLEO to see all details, requirement and to apply.

Pre-Professional Development Fund: up to $500

Provides assistance for conferences, seminars, or other professional development opportunities and associated travel, or professional membership fees (limit to one year membership) For more eligibility details and to apply, visit Horizons.

Summer Internship Grant: up to $3,000

Provides partial support for students for unpaid internships that are secured in non-profit, government, and start-up environments (locally, nationally, or internationally). For more eligibility details and to apply, visit Handshake.

OCS Funding


For all off-campus study funding eligibility details and to apply, visit Horizons.

Bohmer Family Fund for International Study: $500

Provides support for study abroad expenses for a student with demonstrated financial need. Eligibility: Open to Juniors and Seniors only.  

France Summer Language Immersion Scholarship: amount varies

Eligibility: Students who are majoring or minoring in the language, as well as students with demonstrated financial need.

Global Access Initiate Challenge Scholarship: $2,000

Eligibility: Students-of-color who would otherwise not study abroad if they commit to a short-term faculty-led program and they commit to a full semester study abroad

GRANITO FUND: Amount Varies

Provide supplemental travel and logistical stipends. Eligibility: Students participating in programs in Latin America and the Border Studies Program.

Key Fund for Study Abroad: up to $300

Provide support to students who need assistance with the "start up" costs associated with studying abroad. Priority will be given to students with demonstrated financial need, first generation college students, and students on semester study abroad programs. 

Lemon Family Scholarship: up to $2,000

Provides support for students with financial need to participate in a semester-long or Winter Term experience to study the arts abroad. Eligibility: Preference will be given to creative or performing arts majors.

Morehead Givens Western Art History Scholarship: up to $2,000

Eligibility: Students studying in Western Europe and enrolling in a Western Art History course while off-campus for a semester. Art Studio and Art History majors are not eligible for this scholarship.

Sweet Fund for International Study: up to $1,500

Provides assistance for a student with demonstrated financial need to study abroad. Eligibility: Open to Juniors and Seniors only. Preference will be given to students traveling to Germany

Vaky Fund in Inter-American Relations: Amount Varies

Provide support for students to participate in off-campus experiences related to Inter-American Relations. Eligibility: Seniors will not be funded for activities after they graduate.

Ypma Scholarship: up to $500

Provides support for a student in good standing with financial need which would otherwise prevent him or her from participating in study abroad. Eligibility: Preference is given to students planning to study abroad for one semester or longer, students with a stated desire to study in an Asian country and/or students of color.

For more questions about scholarships and grants, contact LaToshia Everson,  Associate Director of Financial Resources & Student Employment        latoshiaeverson@depauw.edu or 765.658.4281.


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