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ENG 392

Genre: Advanced Topics

Study of works drawn from a specific literary genre or subgenre. Examples include Confessional Poetry, The Early Novel and Revenge Tragedy.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
1 course

Fall Semester information

Karin Wimbley

392A: Genre: Adv Topics: The Politics of Representation in the Graphic Novel

As a medium that uses both text and image to tell stories, the graphic novel now enjoys legitimacy as a genre warranting serious intellectual consideration by scholars and critics alike. This 300-level interdisciplinary course investigates fiction and nonfiction graphic novels to explore how graphic storytelling (re)creates new cultural circuits of representation and knowledge. In this course, we will discover the stylistic diversity of this genre, both aesthetically and textually. We will also develop the visual literacy skills to better interrogate the characteristics and tropes operative in these graphic narratives. Lastly, we will engage with current scholarship to situate ourselves in the larger conversations about this form of visual storytelling. Graphic novel sub-genres explored in this course include: utopian/dystopian narratives; high art productions; punk and cyber punk aesthetics; and the autobiography and memoir. Course texts include Alan Moore's Watchman, Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis, Alison Bechdel's Fun Home, Charles Burns' Black Hole, and Wilfred Santiago's In My Darkest Hour, to name a few.

Spring Semester information

Istvan Csicsery-Ronay

392A: Genre: Adv Topics: War and Peace

This course is devoted to the close reading of War and Peace, one of the most celebrated and innovative -- and heftiest -- novels in world literature. Because of its length, War and Peace is rarely studied in classrooms in its entirety. This course will be the exception. We will study the novel's artistry, along with the historical backgrounds of the Napoleonic Wars, Russian and European history of Tolstoy's time, and the broad influence the novel has had on modern literature and philosophy.