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University Band

Auditions for the University Band will take place on Monday, August 19, 2019, for new and transfer students, and on Tuesday, August 20, and Wednesday, August 21, for returning students. A sign-up sheet will be available outside Dr. Craig Paré’s office (GCPA 1116); when you arrive on campus in August, sign-up for an audition time. Be sure to consult your Orientation Schedule before signing up to audition!

Students will be required to play the complete part provided for their respective instrument. The required materials can be downloaded here. Download the file required for your instrument and prepare the part for your audition. Sight-reading will be included in the audition; excerpts will be selected from repertoire the University Band will be studying and performing during the 2019/20 academic year.

Musicians chosen through the audition process will become members of the DePauw University Band.  You may contact Dr. Craig Paré at cpare@depauw.edu if you have any questions about the repertoire for the audition, or about the University Band.

Symphonic Band

Auditions are NOT required for membership in the new MUS 181 Symphonic Band. The ensemble, which meets on MW 4-5:30 p.m., provides playing experiences for College of Liberal Arts majors with previous woodwind, brass, or percussion experience, and School of Music majors who want to improve their technique and skills on secondary woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments. The mission of the Symphonic Band is to create maximum enjoyment with limited performance demands for students who wish to continue to perform in a large ensemble as part of their collegiate educational experience. Auditions are not required for participation. However, they are held for optional chair placements and part assignments, which will take place after our first rehearsal on Wednesday, August 21, at 4 p.m. You may contact Dr. Craig Paré at cpare@depauw.edu if you have any questions about the Symphonic Band.

University Chorus and Chamber Singers

University Chorus and Chamber Singers are open to all students at DePauw regardless of major.

To sing in University Chorus, music reading skills and experience singing in choirs are helpful, but not required. Students auditioning for Chamber Singers need to be advanced choral singers with high vocal and musical skills. For both choirs, every member is expected to attend each rehearsal and performance.

Auditions for Fall 2019 will be held on Monday, August 19, and Tuesday, August 20 in GCPA 0112 (Dr. Schmidt’s office). There will be a sign-up sheet on the door beginning August 16  with seven-minute time slots. Priority will be given to incoming students on Monday to accommodate their orientation schedule. Please plan to come a few minutes before your actual audition time to fill out a form found outside of the office.

To audition, please prepare one piece of your choice that allows you to present your vocal abilities in the best way. This piece can be of any style and should be at least one minute long. An accompanist will be provided, so please bring a copy of your music to the audition. In addition, you will be led through various vocal exercises.

Students who are auditioning for Chamber Singers must have auditioned by the end of Tuesday and may be asked to a callback during the first week of school. If you have any questions or if you are unable to audition on either day, please contact ericschmidt@depauw.edu. We will find a time and day that works for you!

University Jazz Ensemble

A sign up sheet for Jazz Ensemble auditions will be placed outside of Steven Snyder's office (GCPA 0109), which will take place on the following dates:

New and Transfer Students: Monday, August 19
Returning Students: Tuesday, August 20

Jazz ensemble auditions will consist of one representative piece of the individuals choosing, sight reading, and optional improvisation. Brass players should also be prepared to demonstrate their range by performing a scale up to the first C above the treble clef (trumpet) or the first Bb on a ledger line above the bass clef (trombone).  Questions can be emailed to Professor Steve Snyder at stevensnyder@depauw.edu.

University Orchestra

First-year student and transfer student auditions for the 2019-2020 DePauw University Orchestra take place on Monday, August 19. Auditions for returning students will take place on Tuesday, August 20. All auditions are the same for all students. When you arrive on campus, a sign-up sheet for orchestra auditions will be available outside Professor Orcenith Smith's studio (GCPA 1117).  Please check your Orientation Week schedule to make sure that there are no conflicts!

The audition will consist of three parts:

1. You should prepare your own personal music (solos, concertos, etudes) that demonstrates two styles of musical performance:

a. fast, technical playing
b. slow, expressive playing

Two different works are preferred. Generally, at least 32 measures of each would be enough, but more is acceptable.

2. All students are to download and prepare this next set of audition materials by clicking here. Students are to learn all of the downloaded material for their instrument(s). There is a lot of material here to learn!!!

Horns and trombones are required to learn all high and low parts provided. Percussionists should learn all timpani and percussion parts.

3. The final part of your audition will be sight-reading that I will provide. You will be allowed to practice the sight-reading for a few minutes.

For students needing an instrument, University-owned instruments may be available for your use. Please inquire about that and any audition questions by contacting Professor Orcenith Smith, music director, DePauw University Orchestra (osmith@depauw.edu).