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DePauw Jazz Ensemble


Students should submit audio or video recordings through Google Drive. Please share a link with Professor Steve Snyder via email (stevensnyder@depauw.edu).

Name your file in this manner:

  • instrument_lastname_firstname_OC (for on campus if you will be on campus this semester)
  • instrument_lastname_firstname_OL (for online if you will studying remotely this semester)

Wind players should play all written parts. Improvisation is not required (some parts have pages of improvisation missing). Record your audition with a metronome. Reference the linked recording for the appropriate tempo.

Sheet music can be found here.

Reference Recordings

Piano, Guitar, Bass, Drums – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwwu0WPpPw0&pbjreload=101

Trumpet, Trombone, Saxophones (These instruments should play notated parts only) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfI3CIjV3ag

Auditions are due August 24.


University Band and Symphonic Band



Auditions for the 2020-2021 DePauw University Band are open to all DePauw University students, and this year will be accomplished via video recording.  Select your instrument's .pdf file by clicking here, reference the recommended commercial recording of the selected piece on YouTube, prepare your specific part, then record your audition performance. Video recordings, which will include performing along with the YouTube performance of the work, are to be submitted by Monday, August 24 (Note: this is different than the date stated in the Audition Materials Instructions).  Detailed instructions are included with each instrument file. Contact Professor Craig Paré, Director of University Bands, at cpare@depauw.edu

Note: Cue to COVID-19 restrictions, all on-campus University Band musicians must provide their own wire music stand and wind clips.


The DePauw Symphonic Band is a curricular, non-auditioned band that provides maximum enjoyment with limited performance demands for students who wish to continue to perform in a large concert ensemble as part of their collegiate educational experience. Auditions are not required, but are optional for chair placements and part assignments (these take place after our first rehearsal). The only prerequisite is prior experience on a woodwind, brass, or percussion instrument (or string bass). Be sure to add MUS 181 Symphonic Band to your Fall semester schedule.  Instruments are available to Symphonic Band musicians to borrow through the School of Music. To request an instrument, visit the School of Music - Frequently Asked Questions and review "General Information: Instrument Rentals."

Any questions? Contact Professor Craig Paré, Director of University Bands, at cpare@depauw.edu

Note: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, all on-campus Symphonic Band musicians must provide their own wire music stand and wind clips.

IMPORTANT NOTE TO UNIVERSITY BAND & SYMPHONIC BAND MUSICIANS: University Band and Symphonic Band musicians who are participating remotely will also study and prepare the same music as the on-campus ensemble. Through synchronous and asynchronous Zoom meetings & rehearsals, personal video meetings with Professor Paré, and a variety of creative means of engagement, you will be able to experience as much music-making, learning, and creative performances as possible being away from the on-campus ensemble.


University Choirs


There will not be Chamber Singers in Fall 2020. Instead, we will have University Chorus Group A (UCA) for those students who are on campus and University Chorus B (UCB) for those who are remote. Both groups are open to all DePauw students regardless of major!

Regardless of your major and anticipated location (remote or on campus), each student must audition virtually. Auditions will determine any potential assignment to subgroups within University Chorus A and University Chorus B.

To audition, submit a video of you singing a 2-4 minute piece of your choice. This piece should present your voice in the best way. You can sing synchronously to a recording as an "accompaniment." In this case, please use headphones so that the microphone only picks up your voice in the recording and nothing else. For example, you could use a recording on YouTube or Spotify as your "accompaniment" and listen to it with your headphones while you record your singing. You can also simply sing a song a cappella.

In your video, please state your name, class, major, whether or not you anticipate to be on campus for Fall 2020, and the title of the piece you will be singing.

The video can be of any format (e.g. laptop/tablet/phone, horizontal or vertical, mp4/mov/etc.) but it should at least show your face and upper body (waist up).

The deadline to submit your video is Monday, August 24 before 11:59 p.m Eastern. To share your video with Professor Eric Schmidt, please upload it to YouTube or Google Drive and share the link Professor Schmidt via email (ericschmidt@depauw.edu). The video will not be shared with anyone else without your permission.

If necessary, there may be a call-back to determine further placement.

Audition results will be posted here.

Note for First-Year students and Liberal Arts musicians: It will be possible to audition past August 24. In this case please contact Professor Schmidt directly. Returning voice majors, please make every effort to submit your video before August 24.

Professor Schmidt understands that this process is stressful and might be new to you. However, in order to successfully participate in choir this semester, it is going to be important that you understand and know basic recording skills.

Please contact Professor Schmidt with any questions (ericschmidt@depauw.edu).


University Orchestra


All auditions for the DePauw University Orchestra will be virtual, in a pre-recorded video sent to Orcenith Smith, Music Director of the Orchestra (osmith@depauw.edu).

All previous participants of the Orchestra and all new students must submit an audition video for placement in the ensemble. Videos must be emailed by Monday, August 24.   Please indicate in the email whether you are going to be on-campus or learning remotely for the semester.

The first day of University Orchestra will be Monday, August 31. You will receive an email communication prior to August 31 as to how the ensemble will actually gather on Monday, August 31. A syllabus for the semester will be provided.

The audition will consist of several parts:

  1. You should prepare your own personal music from solos, concertos, and etudes, or excerpts that demonstrate the following two styles of performance:
    a. 32 measures of fast, technical playing
    b. 32 measures of slow, expressive playing

    Two different works are preferred. Generally, at least 32 measures of each would be enough, but more is acceptable. Two minutes of each would be the maximum playing time on one continuous video (totaling four minutes). Please announce your name and each work that you are playing for the audition.
  2. All students are to download and prepare this next set of audition materials by clicking herePlease find the "DSO new audition sheet fall 2020" first to note a list of your instrument's excerpts, and then, find and download the several excerpts related to your instrument to begin practicing.  (There are usually two.) Please record and send.

For students needing an instrument, University-owned instruments may be available for your use. Please inquire about that and any audition questions by contacting Professor Orcenith Smith (osmith@depauw.edu).