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Statement on Racial Injustice and Trauma


In response to the recent, savage murder of George Floyd and the brutal killings of too many other Black women and men who have preceded him across the nation, Counseling Services' staff wish to express our grief and sorrow over these losses.  The impact of systemic, structural, and institutional racism in our society can be immense.  As members of the DePauw community, mental health professionals, and compassionate human beings, we are committed to dismantling racism and supporting those students who identify as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) in our community and who have faced marginalization, violence, and oppression.


Our team recognizes the importance of ongoing social justice work as we pledge continued commitment to the mental health and well-being of our students.  As we prepare for a return to campus in the fall, this work will include the provision of culturally-responsive and trauma-informed individual counseling, group therapy and support, and educational outreach.


Because racial trauma can evoke symptoms of anxiety, fear, shame, and many other emotions, we are offering a resource of a Tapping Meditation created for BIPOC that may provide some ease.  We are also including a resource, particularly in support of our Black students, staff, and faculty who have suffered from a long history of inequity and disparity in our society: Safe Black Space.  Finally, we are including resources for our larger community for further education: Race to Read Equality 


We believe that Black life does matter - our collective mental health depends on it.


DePauw University Counseling Services