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Immigration Updates and Employee Resources

Roy O West Library

“Our campus, and indeed our country, is strongest when we act together in support of each other.”

D. Mark McCoy

We are all here to learn, together and from each other. DePauw University values the communities of students that have gathered on its campus for 179 years, and which will continue to thrive in its alumni for hundreds more. We stand together in upholding the values of education and community the University has fostered since its foundation by frontier Methodists. Moral reflection, humane values, and service to humanity guided our first steps and will light many paths before us. 

We support students of all nationalities and citizenship status whose pursuit of knowledge and commitment to excellence have led them to DePauw. The desire to learn is not bounded by citizenship; it unites us across boundaries and differences and joins us in the joy of discovery and the transformational experience of shared knowledge. Our motto reads Decus lumenque reipublicae collegium – “the college is the splendor and light of the common good” – a common good that reshapes the republic with each generation, and DePauw University holds its charge to educate for the sake of the common good with great reverence. 

The perspectives, experiences, hopes, and dreams that students bring to DePauw University are held in trust by its community. DePauw is committed to assisting our students in completing their educations and fulfilling their promise. The teams and resources of support identified below are designed to educate and inform. We welcome your questions, and we thank you for your commitment to our shared endeavor.



President McCoy Letter to International Students 
President McCoy among 110 Presidents to sign joint letter to president-elect Trump




Human Resources: Employment and Travel Related Questions  
Susan Hacker, Senior Human Resources Generalist