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HSA Wellness Incentive Program

DePauw’s Wellness Incentive Program will provide a wide range of wellness activities for employees and their spouses to choose from, in support of individual and family wellness goals. Participation can be tailored to the options that matter most to you and your family, and as you progress, you can earn additional health savings dollars to offset health care costs.

Who can participate?

Full-time, benefit-eligible employees, Pre-65 retirees, and their spouses, who are enrolled in a DePauw University Consumer Driven Health Plan, and who are not currently on medicare.  

How can I participate?

Invest in yourself by:

  1. Know Your Numbers--seeing your doctor, or the Employee Wellness Clinic, for your annual physical, including biometrics.

  2. Lifestyle Programs-- learning more about health education, financial wellness and/or stress management.

  3. Wellness Activities--staying active in mind, body, and spirit.

How much will DePauw contribute?

In addition to DePauw’s base contribution, there are three separate wellness incentive programs, you can participate in to earn additional HSA funds.

Wellness Incentive Programs

Participation Level

Maximum Amount

Employee Spouse Employee/ Children Plan
Base Contribution None $250 $250 $500
Know Your Numbers Once per Year $250 $250 $500
Lifestyle Programs Once per Year or Quarterly $250 $250 $500
Wellness Activities On-going $250 $250 $500
TOTAL $1000 $1000 $2000

How often will I need to participate in the incentive program?  

This varies based on the activity.  The table below provides a summary of the participation levels for the three incentive program groups.

When and how will the 2019 Wellness Incentives be distributed?

DePauw’s base contribution ($250 employee Only/$500 Employee + Family or Employee + Child(ren)) will be deposited into the employees’ established Health Savings Account (HSA) no later than January 18, 2019.

In this transition year, employees who have completed paperwork verifying their biometric screening and physical between July 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018 will receive an additional HSA incentive no later than January 18, 2019 as well for Know Your Numbers ($250 employee only/$500 Employee + Family or Employee + Child(ren)).

The biometrics screening done during the 2018 Employee Wellness Fair will count towards the Know Your Numbers incentive, but a physical will need to be completed either at the Clinic, or through their primary care physician.  

This form is to be used to report physical and biometrics.  

Incentive Participation and Completion Date

Recorded in OurHealthyTigers Wellness Portal

HSA Deposit Date

Coinciding with first full period pay date
January 1 – March 30 April
April 1 – June 30 July
July 1 – September 30 October
October 1 – December 15 January

What wellness activities qualify for the incentive program?


Quick Reference Guide   
Employee Only
Employee + Child(ren)

Know Your Numbers - Educate Yourself

Annual Physical and Biometrics (this plan year only - July 1, 2018 to December 15, 2019) Annually   $250 $250 $500
Total Know Your Numbers Maximum $250 $250 $500

Lifestyle Programs - Invest in Yourself

** Certification of completion required and uploaded in OurHealthyTigers wellness portal***
Available from the Lilly Center, Employee Wellness Clinic, Employee Assistance Program, or on your own
One (1) Propel (Wellness Portal) Lifestyle Competency Module per quarter Quarterly   $50 $50 $100
Smoking cessation program Annually   $150 $150 $300
Weight management or nutrition program Annually   $150 $150 $300
Preventive health care screening test (excludes immunizations, and annual physical) Annually   $150 $150 $300
Financial Health Program Annually   $100 $100 $200
Stress Management Program Annually   $100 $100 $200
Johnson & Johnson Performance Institute Program (employee only) Annually   $100 $0 $100
Other DPU or Employee Sponsored Lifestyle Programs Varies   $50 $50 $100
Total Lifestyle Program Maximum $250 $250 $500

Wellness Activities -  Invest in Yourself

***Complete and record in OurHealthyTigers wellness portal**
Available from the Lilly Center, Employee Wellness Clinic,  or On Your Own
Minimum of 150 minutes of physical activity per week (weeks run Sun-Sat) Quarterly For 6 weeks in quarter $75 $75 $150
Complete a 5K walk, run, bike, swim, or wheelchair roll Annually   $50 $50 $100
Minimum of 42,000 steps per week (weeks run Sun- Sat) Quarterly For 6 weeks each quarter $100 $100 $200
Minimum of two (2) group physical activities per week Quarterly For 6 weeks each quarter $75 $75 $150
HRH Clinic Wellness Walk (formerly Walk with the Doc) Quarterly   $50 $50 $100
3 Individual Health/Wellness Coaching Sessions with Hendricks Regional Health, DePauw University and other approved coaching session providers. Quarterly per quarter $50 $50 $100
3 Group Health/Wellness Coaching Sessions with Hendricks Regional Health, DePauw University and other approved coaching session providers. Quarterly per quarter $50 $50 $100
Minimum of one (1) Mindfulness and Meditation Class/Activity (ex: Meditation, Tai chi) per week (weeks run Sun - Sat) Quarterly For 6  weeks each quarter $50 $50 $100
Other DPU or Employee Wellness Activity Programs Varies   $25 $25 $50
Total Wellness Activities Program Maximum $250 $250 $500

Total Maximum HSA Incentives Opportunities Available




Can I “really” earn the maximum incentive amount if I participate?

Yes. There are a variety of activity and program choices you can participate in to combine and total the maximum dollars available for your incentive group (employee, employee + spouse, employee + children).

What is an example?


Jane and Carol are married and Jane is enrolled in DePauw’s employee plus spouse plan.  Jane completed both her biometric and physical (Know Your Numbers) at the Employee Wellness Clinic on October 9.  Carol has scheduled her biometrics and physical for January 6, 2019 with her primary care physician.

Jane will receive a $750 deposit to her HSA account by January 18, 2019  ($500 base + $250 for Know Your Numbers)

Jane and Carol have always been physically active, both on and off campus, and they successfully complete the following wellness activities by the end of March, 2019 and self-reported their information into the new wellness portal.  

Know Your Numbers


Jane completed biometrics and physical      (October 9)



Total Know Your Number Incentives Earned First Quarter

$250  (maximum)

Paid by January 18, 2019

Carol completed biometrics and physical      (January 6)



Total Know Your Number Incentives Earned

$250 (maximum)

Paid in April

Lifestyle Program Activities (January 1 - March 31)

Jane did a Propel Lifestyle Competency Module on-line $50  
Carol attended a smoking cessation program at the local hospital $150  
Both Jane and Carol participated in the Real Appeal online Weight management program at no cost to them $150 each = $300  
Total Lifestyle Incentives Earned $500 (maximum) Paid in April, 2019

Wellness Activities (January 1 - March 31)

Both Carol and Jane had at least 150 minutes of physical activity each week $75 each = $150   
Both Jane and Carol completed a 5K walk $50 each = $100   
Jane participated in a Wellness Walk (formerly Walk with the Doc) $50  
Both Jane and Carol attended a meditation class during the quarter $50 each = $100  
Both Carol and Jane attended four health coaching sessions during the quarter at their community gym $50 each = $100   
Total Wellness Activities Incentives Earned $500 (maximum) Paid in April

How will I record my completed activities? 

You will record your information via a wellness portal, OurHealthyTigers, which will be powered by Propel.  

How will my information be kept confidential?

The Office of Human Resources takes its responsibility to keep your confidential information secure very seriously.  For this reason, the information provided to HR is limited to required information for use in determining HSA distribution amounts, and aggregate data for all the participants.

For example, if you participate in an annual physical and receive the results of your biometrics, HR will not receive the details of this information--only that you participated in the Know Your Numbers.  The other two programs (Lifestyle and Wellness Activities) are self-reported about which programs you participated in, and in some instances, provide a certificate of completion. We will not have access to the individual details you put in Propel, other than whether you have completed an activity for use in determining the HSA dollars to be dispersed.

Will the University pay for me to purchase a fitness tracker device, or a gym membership?

No.  It is not necessary for you to purchase a fitness tracker, or gym membership, as the wellness portal allows you to self-report these activities..  If you choose to purchase a fitness tracker, the wellness portal has the ability, if you choose to do so, to sync with many fitness trackers. However, it currently does not  sync with the Apple Watch

How will the university assess whether a program or activity qualifies for HSA incentives?

The Office of Human Resources will review and determine whether a program or activity will qualify for the HSA incentive.

Will DePauw provide flexible work hours to support these initiatives?

The Office of Human Resources will be supportive of reasonable, and equitable, accommodations to work schedules. Employees should work directly with their supervisors to discuss and determine reasonable flexible time outside of normal breaks to support wellness activities and programs on campus.

Ex: An hourly staff member may choose to attend a scheduled wellness program as they would a regular meeting during afternoon hours outside of their break time.


Alternative accommodations will be offered to employees, or their spouse, with health conditions or disabilities that make it medically inadvisable or unreasonably difficult to attempt to meet a standard in a wellness program. Email Sonji Ray at SonjiRay@DePauw.edu or Jana Grimes at JanaGrimes@DePauw.edu,to discuss.