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DePauw’s Wellness Incentive Program is designed to support eligible employees (and spouses) in earning additional health savings dollars to offset their health care costs by adding incentives for a wide range of wellness activities and educational opportunities. 

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Full-time, benefit-eligible employees, Pre-65 retirees, and their spouses, who are enrolled in a DePauw University Consumer Driven Health Plan, and who has an active health savings account through HSA Bank and are not currently on Medicare.  If you currently do not have an HSA account and would like to open one or not sure if your account is active, reach out to Human Resources for assistance. 

EmployeeSpouseEmployee/ Children (no spouse on plan)
DePauw Base Contribution $500 $500 $1000
Highly Incentivized Activities $300 $300 $600
Wellness Activities  $200 $200 $400
Total $1000 $1000 $2000


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When will wellness incentives be distributed to the employee HSA account? 

Recorded in OurHealthyTigers powered by WellRight

Incentive CompletionHSA Deposit
DePauw Base Contribution Mid January
January 1 – March 30 Mid April
April 1 – June 30 Mid July
July 1 – September 30 Mid October
October 1 – November 30 Mid December

Frequently Asked Questions:

How will I track my completed activities? 

You will track your information via a wellness portal, ourhealthytigers, powered by Wellright.  If you have a spouse on your plan, you would first complete your registration and then your spouse will need to register separately to track their incentives.  Children are not eligible to participate in earning incentives. 

How will my information be kept confidential?

The Office of Human Resources takes its responsibility to keep your confidential information secure very seriously.  For this reason, the information provided to HR is limited to required information for use in determining HSA distribution amounts, and aggregate data for all the participants.

Will the university pay for me to purchase a fitness tracker device, or a gym membership?

No.  It is not necessary for you to purchase a fitness tracker, or gym membership, as the wellness portal allows you to self-report these activities.  If you choose to purchase a fitness tracker, the wellness portal has the ability to sync with many fitness trackers.

Will wellness classes outside the new platform earn me incentives?

We’ve updated the incentive menu to include new options.  External classes (i.e.,TIAA workshops, PNC Seminars, etc) are beneficial to your overall health and we encourage you to participate, but these types of activities will no longer earn employees HSA incentive dollars.

Throughout the wellness year, there will be opportunities for participation in personal and DePauw challenges available in the portal.  DePauw challenges are for prizes not incentive dollars. 

Will wellness coaching (external or through DePauw Health Wellness Center) earn me incentives?

Yes.  Complete three sessions with a health coach AND track the activity in the portal and you will receive the incentive.

Will DePauw provide flexible work hours to support these initiatives?

The Office of Human Resources will be supportive of reasonable, and equitable, accommodations to work schedules. Employees should work directly with their supervisors to discuss and determine reasonable flexible time outside of normal breaks to support wellness activities and programs on campus.

Will the University make accommodations if an employee or their spouse has a health condition or disability that make it inadvisable or unreasonably difficult?

Alternative accommodations will be offered to employees, please contact Human Resources.


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