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DACA & Undocumented Students

Internal and external resources to help you learn more about information relevant to DACA and undocumented students and allies.


The Hubbard Center for Student Engagement recognizes the challenges faced by DACA and undocumented students, their families, and others who are concerned about immigration status. We also recognize that the immigration landscape is in a state of rapid change. Our team strives to remain current on related issues by attending conference sessions, hosting campus visitors and following organizations such as United We Dream.

If you are interested in these issues, the Hubbard Center offers several internal and external resources to help you learn more about relevant opportunities.

Off-Campus Study

Domestic Off-Campus Study Locations: 
DePauw offers diverse opportunities to study off-campus within the United States. Students may also request consideration to study off-campus through a program not listed below. Contact the Hubbard Center for more information:

  • New York City Semester in the Arts and Creative Industries
  • Washington Media Institute 
  • Boston University Washington Internship Program
  • The Philadelphia Center
  • Chicago Newberry Library: Research in the Humanities
  • Border Studies Program: Tuscon, AZ (may pose concerns related to border proximity)
  • University of Hawai’i - Manoa

Travel Grants for Domestic Off-Campus Study:
Need-based and subject specific grants can assist students with travel costs associated with attending a domestic off-campus study program.

  • Hubbard Center Internal Funding: The Hubbard Center provides travel grant funding for U.S. based off-campus study for students who have immigration concerns. Students are automatically considered for this support based on their financial aid package. If funding is awarded, students will receive a credit on their university account representing a percentage of the estimated cost of travel to their host location. Contact Mandy Brookins in the Hubbard Center for more information.

  • Granito Fund: The Granito Fund provides supplemental travel and logistical stipends for DePauw students and/or faculty, and recent DePauw graduates who are seeking to do meaningful community-based research or fieldwork in Latino and Hispanic communities. Eligible programs include: Border Studies Program, The Philadelphia Center, New York City Semester in the Arts and Creative Industries.

  • The Ambassador Viron P. Vaky Endowment Fund in Inter-American Relations: Political Science majors may apply for funding in support of off-campus experiences related to Inter-American Relations.

Additional Considerations:
(Note: This section was adapted from the University of California - Davis Office of Study Abroad and last updated on August 7th, 2018.)

Undocumented students and students with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) status are advised that on Tuesday, September 5, 2017, President Trump announced an end to the DACA program. This policy change may lead to immediate changes in laws and immigration policies related to undocumented statuses, advance parole, and the ability to travel abroad. This change is also likely to directly impact those planning to travel and those who may already be abroad.

Undocumented students or students with DACA status who are currently abroad and are not already in contact with and immigration attorney are urged to do so immediately. Students planning to travel outside the United States on Advance Parole are advised to reconsider their travel plans. Depending on Congressional action a return to the U.S. may not shield against future deportation.

Students who are not abroad, but are considering ANY travel abroad or near U.S. borders – study abroad or otherwise – should also consult with their immigration attorney and the Hubbard Center before making plans. Enhanced patrolling exists near domestic borders. Undocumented students, including those with Advance Parole, may be at heightened risk for investigation even for travel within the U.S.

Internships & Career Development

Tips and Suggestions:
(Note: Parts of this section were adapted from the Carleton College Career Center.)

Undocumented and DACA students face a myriad of difficulties associated with job and internship searches. The Hubbard Center is available to support students, regardless of immigration status. Here are some general tips and suggestions.

  • Finding Funding: Find funding:  Students can apply for funding for unpaid opportunities.  Students who have immigration concerns can apply for funding for short-term job shadows as well as longer-term internships.

  • Getting to Know Yourself: The Hubbard Center offers free Assessments (MBTI, StrengthsQuest, Strong Inventory, and more.)  Using these tools, students can learn about their strengths, find out ways to leverage their talents, and develop strategies for meeting their goals.

  • Practicing to Make Perfect:   We can help students assess their skills and interests, prepare application documents, identify resources, connect with alumni, practice interviewing skills, find opportunities, and become knowledgeable about upcoming events such as the Career and Internship Fair.

  • Gaining Experience:  By participating in internships, externships, volunteer opportunities and student clubs students can learn more about what they are interested in and build the skills necessary for their job search.  We provide strategies for finding formal internship and informal shadowing opportunities.

  • Building a Network:  We can help students leverage their existing network and make connections. This network can include friends, relatives, faculty, staff and especially DePauw alumni. Students can use Hubbard Center networking software and regional Alumni Chapters to connect with alumni in fields where they have an interest and to learn more about opportunities in those areas. Most career opportunities and jobs are found through networking, so we recommend that students start networking early.

  • Disclosing Status: Knowing when, how, or if a students should disclose DACA or undocumented status can be challenging and varies with every opportunity and organization. Talk with a Hubbard Center career advisor or an advisor in the Center for Diversity and Inclusion to develop an appropriate plan.

Want to Know More?

Immigrants Rising: Life After College: A Guide for Undocumented Students provides tips on how to navigate how to earn a living post-graduation, as well as considerations for pursuing additional education and/or internships.

MyUndocumentedLife.org provides a wide range of resources and information including internship postings and a network of people to talk to about navigating the issues related to current- and post-undergraduate life. Be sure to check out these tabs:

  • Internships - includes specific opportunities open to undocumented youth. Note that this list is not exhaustive.

  • Scholarships - provides a list of scholarships and deadlines for upcoming opportunities.

DePauw University Undocumented and DACA Student Resources provides general resources related to immigration issues.


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