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Suggested Course of Study
Students interested in professional careers in design may elect to major or minor in studio art, art history, computer science, communications, film studies, or allied fields with courses that emphasize visual literacy.

Core Courses:
*Drawing: Learning to See                                                                   ARTS 152
*Introduction to Digital Art                                                                 ARTS 160
*Intermediate Digital Art                                                                     ARTS 298G
*Introduction to Art History                            ARTH 131, 132, 133, or 135
*Computer Science I                                                                               CSC 121

Additional coursework for 3D professional areas:
Industrial Design, Architecture, Fashion Design, Interior Design, Landscape Design, Production Design, Furniture Design, Jewelry and Accessory Design

*one course in 3D studio art at the introductory level:
Introduction to Ceramics                                                     ARTS 175
Introduction to Sculpture                                                    ARTS 170
Theater Production and Design                                          COMM 117

*onecourse in 3D studio art at the upper level:
Ceramics: Food and Community                                         ARTS 276
Ceramics: Material Explorations                                         ARTS 277
Ceramics: Making Meaning                                                  ARTS 278
Ceramics: The Body                                                              ARTS 279
Sculpture in Public Places                                                    ARTS 271
Kinetic Sculpture                                                                  ARTS 272
Sculpture and Sustainability                                                           ARTS 273
Sculpture and Community-Based Art                                 ARTS 274

*one course additional course in Art History:

Cathedrals and Court: Gothic Art                                        ARTH 218
Contemporary Art and Theory                                            ARTH 226
Monumental Art of Japan, 1550-1900: Splendor & Angst           ARTH 233
Art and Literature Paris and Berlin                                                ARTH 265
Kyoto: A Cultural Metropolis                                               ARTH 331                                         

Additional coursework for 2D professional areas: Graphic Design, Interactive Design and Game Development, Illustration, Branded Entertainment, Advertising, Animation, Motion Media Design

*one course in 2D studio art at the introductory level:

Introduction to Painting                                                       ARTS 175
Introduction to Photography                                               ARTS 170
Introduction to Video Art                                                     ARTS 165
*onecourse in 2D studio art at the upper level:
Intermediate Painting: The Contemporary Figure                       ARTS 256
Intermediate Painting: Every Painter is a Thief                ARTS 257
Intermediate Photography: Studio Lighting                      ARTS 262
Intermediate Photography: Darkroom Experiments        ARTS 264
Intermediate Photography: Digital Photography              ARTS 266

*one additional course in Art History:

Modern Art and Modernity                                                 ARTH 225
Prints & Print Culture of Early Modern & Modern Japan            ARTH 231
East West Encounters                                                          ARTH 234
First World War and Modernist Culture                            ARTH 275
Abstract Versus Figurative Painting                                   ARTH 326

Additional Coursework for Arts Management areas: Business Design and Arts Leadership, Design Management, Luxury and Fashion Management, Curatorial Practice, Preservation and Conservation, Museum Management, Museum Marketing and Communication

*Contemporary Issues in Museum Studies                                                MSST 110

*Introduction to Arts Management                                                 UNIV 290                  

*Communication in Organizations                                                  COMM 326

*Electronic Media Management                                                      COMM 332

*Media Law                                                                                        COMM 335

*International Media                                                                                    COMM 337

*Public Communication and Controversy                                      COMM 223

Supplementary Coursework in contemporary cultural competencies: gender studies, environmental studies, diversity and inclusion, global learning, power and privilege

Off-Campus Study with art and design emphasis:  New York Arts Program, Philadelphia Center

Other courses to consider:

*Television Production and Televisual Literacy                            COMM 236
*Film and Culture                                                                             COMM 237
*Media, Culture, and Society                                                                        COMM 233
*Data Structure                                                                                 CSC 122
*Object Oriented Software Development                                       CSC 232
*Computer Systems                                                                          CSC 231
*Graphics                                                                                           CSC 350
*Human Computer Interaction                                                       CSC 320
*Autonomous Robotics                                                                     CSC 360
*Film and Culture                                                                             FILM 200
*Introduction to Digital Film Production                                        FILM 230
*Global Cinema                                                                                  FILM 250