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The Catherine E. Fruhan Art and Art History Student Prize

Catherine Fruhan came to the University in 1984 and for 31 years she was a teacher, mentor, and friend to students, faculty, staff and alumni. Professor Fruhan was truly beloved, and she was respected for her dedication to the best principles of a liberal arts education. This is an annual award for outstanding art history majors to travel, conduct research, attend conferences, or purchase books or other materials.

One or more grants of up to $5000 will be awarded.
Eligibility: Open to art history students who are sophomores or juniors. Non majors may apply, but priority is given to art history majors and minors. 

The Catherine E. Fruhan Art and Art History Student Prize invites proposals for off-campus academic activity, preferably an original research project, an intensive course, or an unpaid internship. Independent projects for travel and study will also be considered. Ideally the project should be an opportunity which will have a transformative impact, not only on the rest of the student’s undergraduate career but also on his or her professional or academic career after graduation from DePauw. The project should be something that the applicant has not previously had the opportunity to do. Summer courses, if proposed, may not count towards graduation credit.

Decisions will be made by the faculty of the Department of Art and Art History, and will be based on the merits of the proposal, the quality of the program, and the past performance of the student. The award may be contingent on the student being accepted to a proposed program or internship. In the eventuality that the student is NOT accepted, the student may be invited to propose an alternate project or the award will be given to a runner-up. 

Application process

Faculty Advisor Form
Due Date:  March 1, 2023
Before this form is due, applicants are required to consult with a full time member of the faculty of the Department of Art and Art History who can advise them on the suitability of the proposed project. 

Application Due Date:  March 15, 2023

E-mail application in PDF format to:

Application Checklist
Project Information:  

  1. Student Name

  2. Major and expected date of graduation

  3. Project title

  4. Project dates

  5. Project Narrative

    1. 750 words maximum 

    2. Description: Provide concrete details about your project, especially if it involves independent research. Do not assume that the review committee is familiar with your intentions, the places you want to visit, the strength of the program you have chosen, etc.

    3. Impact: Explain how the proposed project will have a transformative impact on your remaining undergraduate education and post-graduate career. For example, consider what classes you have or haven’t taken at DePauw, how this opportunity will prepare you to pursue other goals, etc. 

    4. Feasibility: Describe your ability to successfully complete the project. For example, explain what challenges you might face and how you will successfully navigate them, etc.

  6. Optional: Up to 3 embedded images, max size 3x5”, with captions to explain relevance to project

Program/Internship Information (If applicable)

  1. Name

  2. Website

  3. Host Institution

  4. Location

  5. Application process and due date

  6. Anticipated date of notification about application

Budget Information:  See this document about preparing a budget. Provide a full budget that reflects all anticipated costs, not just what this award would support. Please indicate If some expenses will be covered by other funding sources or in-kind funding. Examples of costs to include are:

  1. Travel (expenses to project location and for local travel; mileage reimburse at 0.42 per mile) 

  2. Housing

  3. Food (maximum of $53 per day)

  4. Museum entrance fees, tools, materials, books, and other project specific expenses

  5. Tuition or program fees

  6. Other expenses

  7. Total funding request amount 

Project Report: Recipients of the award are required to submit a grant report after the project is completed that includes a narrative, a thank you letter, images and a public presentation. These reports will be shared with the donor of the award and used for website articles and social media.

Reports are due by September 1 of the fall term to Misti Scott at mscott@depauw.edu