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The Catherine E. Fruhan Art and Art History Student Prize

Catherine Fruhan came to the University in 1984 and for 31 years she was a teacher, mentor, and friend to students, faculty, staff and alumni. Professor Fruhan was truly beloved, and she was respected for her dedication to the best principles of a liberal arts education This is an annual award for outstanding art history majors to travel, conduct research, attend conferences, or purchase books or other materials.

One or more awards in the amount of up to $5000 for summer 2017 Proposals due by March 17, 2017

We invite proposals for off-campus academic activity, preferably an original research project, an intensive course, or an unpaid internship. Independent projects for travel and study are also welcomed. Ideally the project should be an opportunity which will have a transformative impact, not only on the rest of the student’s undergraduate career but also on his or her professional or academic career after graduation from DePauw. The project should be something that the applicant has not previously had the opportunity to do. Summer courses, if proposed, may not count towards graduation credit.* At least ten days in advance of the March 17 due date students should consult with a member of the faculty of the Department of Art and Art History who can advise them on the suitability of the proposed project. The student and faculty member should be sure to discuss how the proposed project will have a transformative impact on the student. The faculty advisor will then need to sign off on the project for the application to be considered.

Applications should include the student’s name, major, and expected date of graduation, as well as a detailed proposal of the project. The proposal should include complete information on the program, the provider or host institution, and a description of the host institution’s own application process, including all deadlines. A detailed budget should be included, covering the cost of the program and tuition, if any, as well as travel expenses, room and board, materials, supplies, books or other instructional materials, and incidental expenses, with the clear understanding that the fellowship will not exceed $5000, even if the total cost of the budget does. The award will not be able to pay for unforeseen expenses, so the budget should be thoroughly researched.

The applicant should provide a narrative of how the proposed project will transform their remaining undergraduate education and their post-graduate careers. In the case of a proposed project of travel and/or research, whether artistic or art historical, this must be detailed and concrete (but no more than 750 words), with a project that is both compelling and feasible. The student should also propose some kind of final project as a way of sharing his or her accomplishment with the rest of the department and wider campus community during the subsequent academic. The final product may take the form of a talk, a paper, an exhibited work of art, etc.

Decisions will be made by the faculty of the Department of Art and Art History, and will be based on the merits of the proposal as they follow the guidelines above, the quality of the program, and the past performance of the student. The award will be contingent on the student getting accepted to the proposed program. In the eventuality that the student is NOT accepted, the award will then be given to a runner-up. 

Application process:

E-mail applications in PDF format by March 17, 2017 to:
Lori Miles, Chair, Department of Art and Art History, 
c/o Misti Scott, Departmental Secretary