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Current Exhibits

Each year, the Peeler Art Center gallery program presents a wide range of exhibitions and related programming. From traveling exhibitions of national and international significance to shows featuring the work of current students, faculty, and alumni, the gallery program strives to offer a dynamic schedule of interdisciplinary visual experiences.

brown eyes in darkness over a chess board

Konrad Rula
Untitled, 2021
Digital Photograph

September 13 - December 10, 2021

Peeler Art Center, University Gallery
(upper level)

Organized by Dr. Pauline Ota, MisPerceptions is a student-curated show from Peeler's art collection that examines hidden truths of objects. 


room with small stage light coming from left yellow table in foreground

Walter Hatke
Hidden Words, 1995-2004
Oil on canvas
Gift of Artist

August 30 - December 10, 2021

Peeler Art Center, University Gallery (lower level)

Co-curated by Director and Curator Maggie Leininger and Klauser Fellow, Austin Canales, this exhibition brings together a collection of artists whose work evokes the sensibility of isolation, meditation, and reflection which are many terms that we have gotten accustomed to during the pandemic.