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DePauw University's Pre-College Study Abroad Program

Committed to immersion in language learning, solidarity through service, and engaging students as global citizens.

ServicioThe Bob Hershberger Servicio Program is designed for incoming first-year DePauw students interested in social justice, international curiosity, intellectual challenges, and the Spanish language. You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a four-week intensive summer program both on DePauw’s campus and off-campus, in Costa Rica, in late June & July, prior to the beginning of the academic year.

Applications for Servicio 2023 can be found here! Contact your admissions counselor for more details.

"Hello! My name is Ja’el and I have had the privilege of being a student of Servicio in the 2018 cohort and a leader of the 2021 cohort. When I arrived freshman year, I was not proficient in Spanish. I realized pretty quickly that my ability to construct sentences and express myself was limited once we did the initiation and I had to speak only in Spanish."

Read more about Ja'el's experience with Servicio here...


This program was established in 2007 by Bob Hershberger, Professor of Modern Languages, made possible by a generous gift and ongoing commitment to an international education by Steven L. Trulaske, a 1979 alumnus. The Steve Trulaske International Scholarship Fund covers 100% of program related expenses for students selected to participate on this one-of-a-kind pre-college study abroad program.    

     The Five Pillars of Servicio:

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For additional information about applying to the Bob Hersberger Servicio Program, contact the Admissions Office.

Questions about program details can be directed to the Hubbard Center.

Prospective Students

For questions, CALL 765-658-4622, OR EMAIL servicio@depauw.edu

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The Hubbard Center Off-Campus study program allowed me to travel to Costa Rica as an incoming first-year student as part of the Bob Hershberger Servicio Program.  The Steve Trulaske (1979 alumnus)  International Scholarship Fund covered 100% of the program expenses which enabled me to have this amazing global experience." - Alex '22