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Jonathan Nichols-Pethick headshotDear prospective Media Fellow,

If you are interested in an excellent liberal arts education, hands on experience in the media and an exciting, semester-long, off-campus internship, I encourage you to take a serious look at the Media Fellows program at DePauw University.

In a workplace that is changing ever more rapidly, in a world that is more and more information driven, I can think of no better background for a career -- media or otherwise -- than a liberal arts education. A well-rounded education, coupled with personal contact with professors, is a long tradition at DePauw. The Media Fellows program adds to that with a chance to examine the media from many different angles:  journalism ethics, mass media as a business, the practice of media; over your four years in the program you will hear from many of our outstanding professors, as well as an impressive group of professionals we bring to campus.  When you combine all of this with a media center that has facilities unlike any other private liberal arts school, you have some exceptional opportunities for a student interested in the media.

What makes the Pulliam Center for Contemporary Media stand out are the exceptional staff and facilities. Our 24-hour building contains the student newspaper, The DePauw; the campus radio station, WGRE-FM, the oldest FM educational station in the United States; D3TV, the student television station; plus darkrooms, a computer lab, an a/v auditorium, and many common areas for students to work and study. I know of no private liberal arts university that can match our facilities. Our staff comes from many media backgrounds, including the television, radio, newspaper and cable industries. Most large schools make you wait years to utilize this kind of equipment but as a first year student at DePauw you can walk in to any area of the building and get involved your first day here.

Finally, the Media Fellows program offers a chance for you to get off-campus for a full semester to gain  experience in a media profession. These internships, which are tailored to meet your interests, have helped many of our students decide what careers they want to pursue after graduation. I encourage you to examine the internships our students have had.   Not all of them go on to careers in the media, but all are involved in interesting endeavors.

If you want an excellent college education, great hands-on media opportunities both on- and off-campus, and the chance to learn more about one of the most powerful tools in our society today, then DePauw University and the Media Fellows program may be the right place for you. We look forward to hearing from you!

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