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Daniel Scott

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Assistant professor of chemistry and biochemistry


Chemistry, Biochemistry, Cancer drug development, Pharmaceutical sciences, Natural products, Nanotechnology, Therapeutics, Theranostics (Therapeutics + Diagnostics), Analytical Chemistry, Bioanalytical chemistry


Daniel Scott focuses on improving therapeutics, particularly for cancer. He and his students work to (1) develop new drugs for cancers and (2) identify more efficient delivery systems to get drugs to those cancers. Their intent is to find ways to target the cancers more directly and reduce negative effects of the treatments on the entire body. In particular, Scott is interested in natural product drugs with anti-cancer potential, and he works to modify those drugs so they have application to human cancers. The work by Scott and his students have already generated several new drug compounds that showed potential for application to human cancers. A key part of their approach is to use nanotechnology as the delivery system for the drugs.